Where are the pvp hotfixes


My healer still needs to trinket sap rmp opener while i use wall + grounding. Dks still healing for absurd numbers. Locks still tankier than prot warrior and they have double coil for every go. Maledict trinkets killed the fun for most players. Fully hotted targets impossible to kill. Why dont they do small changes already

(Dameg) #2

would love to know when i can start playing my priest in arenas without playing only rmp because every other healer is 10 times better

(Almostholy) #3

Balance is bad… but between the healers… it’s absolutely not existing.

(Nuvic) #4

US reset complete. No changes. Maybe blizzard thinks everything is fine. What are you going to do about it?


We are going to wait for blizz to nerf resto druids. Only thing most broken rn


U cant even go into arena unless you have resto druid healer on your team as well or unless you play rmp.
Oh wait actually rmd is so much better than rmp right as it brings 5x more healing and more cc than a priest or pala

(Nuvic) #7

rdruid was buffed 10% lul not 500%.

(Dameg) #8

might as well have been 500% cus im not noticing a difference


Does it matter if you see 1 non r druid team in semi finals of both regions?


if you buff a spec already good %10 it becomes op. Also they buffed lifebloom talent and Reduced mana costs

(Nuvic) #11

I think it was OK in 2v2 but it was outclassed in 3v3. Did it need 10% or something like 5%-7% is the question really. Nourish is indeed OP after 10% buff. What I don’t get is that Hpala is really really good but people still to be fine with it.

(Almostholy) #12

In this dampening meta, HPal cant keep up with the healing to later stages.


Like before buffs, druids were the worst healer for 3v3 (not discussing 2v2 cuz 2v2 was never balanced at first place). Yes now they are top healer, however 10% buff to healing cannot make a class to become from worst to FOTM. The reason that this happened, was the combination between the buffs + the new gear with 5 rings + the 50% blanked nerfs. Most counters to druids got hit by this 50% nerf.
Anyway what irritates me is the fact that I see people like monks and priests that complain. Like priests were the FOTM in the begging with dmg and survivability then they got nerfed. Monks… I dont even want to bother how broken they were. Way beyond priests and druids atm. In fact they are still extreamlly strong in regular 3v3 with this cacoon every GO…

(Nuvic) #14

No. Actually rdruid had 2 great traits in s1 and that nerf to one trait did not change much. Rdruid had and still has great traits but It is not about healer traits. It is about the hp increase outpacing dps increase, caster meta, and mastery.

(Karanze) #15

I’ve never been a fan of Rdruid.
It’s the most versatile healer since ever, with access to a multitude of different forms, CC, and defensives.
Now they are also capable of doing some of the most efficient healing, which I don’t like when you also have the above.


Hotfixes: sub shadowstrike now named tickle. Evis damage reduced by 80% vs any player in combat.
Shadowy duel: attempting to kill an opponent during shadowy duel will cause you to implode


resto druid was already good after 8.1. it was great in season 2 before %10 buff. now they are insane. also you all forget about pvp talent buff

(Fajafajta) #18

What most lowbob Khorgam shamans etc don’t understand. 10% buff has pretty much nothing to do why rdruids are so strong now. Before that rdru was trash tier because they had no real traits to work with. Only one decent trait for pvp was nerfed in the beggining of S1. After that came a lot more nerfs to druids and they become trash tier. Now when everybodies traits are nerfed by 50% and most class was depending on them rdruid really don’t care about them. Actually that change alone made rdruids a lot stronger then before and +10% buff etc. But people are blind mongols who will run in bandwagoons and cry just because they can. Just do some thinking and research before you qq…


you are telling me already what i say. they were good after season 2 started rofl

(Fajafajta) #20

Actually we never know how good or bad they was/ware because 10% buff came too fast.
Druid still would be ok. Even now I don’t think that druid is same OP level as shaman was in S1. Priests had huge damage in the begging of S1/druids was really good in S1 start. Monks was actually pretty good or really good whole season. Paladins had some time to shine. But how OP shamans was with that trait stacking and managing to heal people with 2 instant spells every few seconds was beyond stupid. Even rdru is fotm atm, they are not even close how OP was shamans.