Where is Sylvanas ?


You are wrong because the Alliance launched the attacked in Undercity by ship, bypassing Arathi and Hillsbrad (which still belong to the Forsaken.

As such, since Undercity was burned , Alliance merely wasted their ships and resources because they havent pushed all the way to Undercity by land. Forsaken presence and dominance in Silverpine , Hillsbrad and Arathi as well as Plagulands, is the same.

She burned an Alliance city AND conquered the land. Unlike the Undercity above example, the Horde did reach by land Teldrassil, which you can read in a Good War Novel. So the Horde did conquer Ashenvale and Darkshore, AND burned Darnassus.

Compared to Alliance who simply launched an assault by sea on Undercity, but have no foothold there.

Also, Sylvannas rescued Ashvane and extracted information and together with Xalatath, was aware of the Nazjatar trap so she minimized her losses. (As is seen on cinematic there’s like 4 Horde ships and 20 Alliance ones).

So yeah… do you see her Victories?


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what mostly had to do whit the horde having almost no ships anymore, she literaly could not send a fleet at all, most likely had nothing to do whit her being smart at all, but more about getting rid of everyone who could oppose her, including lorthemar, and I do not even think Nathanos had a clue what would happen eighter.

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You are right, they did attack from sea, which to be honest, was the smart move, fighting a protracted land campaign would only have benefitted the Forsaken, every dead Alliance footman is tomorrows Deathguard after all… It was a smart move, a surgical strike at the enemy capital. That’s how you win wars, not by killing every single enemy soldier (I mean that -would- do it, but it is massively impractical) but by taking out the head and the leadership, leaving the soldiers in the field without orders and weakened to an extent that local commanders have to act on their own initiative, and if their situation is hopeless are more likely to surrender.

That is true. They lack a logistics ‘hub’ in Undercity, but the Forsaken are a fairly self-sustaining army, with less need for logistics than other races.

Ehhh, as we see -since- A Good War, they don’t exactly hold those lands, they are heavily contested, the ‘Terror of Darkshore’ cinematic shows this as well as the in-game warfronts. Even so, the Horde war effort wasn’t a war of occupation, it was a spear-thrust, a Blitzkrieg designed to power through and attack one objective, Darnassus. Even then Sylvanas somehow forgot the entire reason she had done this, just because some dying Night Elf gave her some lip…

We don’t actually have any proof of that. I mean we do not know she was aware of the Nazjatar trap. I mean the whole thing is a weird scenario. Lady Ashvane is suddenly shouting orders at Naga, she sends Nathanos (Who is probably the only thing she still holds affection for -See Dark Mirror-) and Lor’themar Theron (Whose approval she seeks and has no idea he is done with her shiz -see War Crimes-) and a few ships. How do the Alliance know those four ships are sailing, and to where? This is never explained. I mean you can say “All part of Sylvanas’ plan” but she must have surely said to Nathanos and Lor’themar “Go sail in, uhh, this direction” “Why?” “Because” “Because what?” “Uhhh, just because!”

It is just as inexplicable Alliance side.
“We must attack those four Horde ships that are fleeing to a completely tactically unimportant location, rather than actually engage the remnants of the Zandalari Fleet and consolidate our victory.” “Shouldn’t we…like, finish the War off here?” “No, we must chase those ships” “But, err,why, is there anyone important on them? The Warchief maybe?”
“We have no way of knowing, and they are too far away for us to tell, even with telescopes”
“So…we’re abandoning a strong strategic position, just because you have a funny feeling about those -four- ships?”
“Alright then…whatever…”

It is a bit of an odd segue for both Factions. I mean a pretty cinematic, but just never really explained in any way that makes sense…

Ehhhh, Pretty sure there are all those Sin’dorei Destroyers left around, and Goblin ships, but the thing is, the crucial thing is, where is she sending them and why?

She has no idea at that point that Lor’themar is against her, she would literally be pulling Garrosh levels of stupidity out of her backside “This race of the Horde has not betrayed me, I must make sure to annoy them so that they do!” If she didn’t even tell Nathanos, then that is a pretty clear sign that she be crazy, and needs to go.


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Whats inexplicable? That Genn who in the middle of the apocalyptic Legion invasion prefered to go after Sylvannas like an obsessive dog, would go after Sylvannas every move like in the cinematic chasing her ships?

Right… inexplicable lol


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She’s somewhere dark and damp, coming up with the next convoluted plan to defeat that pesky Superman once and for all.


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It is better she is not around because the writing team is terrible.
Probably the cheapest writers they could get.

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