Where the elves at? 🧝‍♂️

I’m thinking of going back into rp and i am wondering, Do the night elf rpers still hang out somewhere? The usual spots like Ashenvale and Feralas seem deserted.


Funnily enough, most Night Elf roleplayers are in Stormwind now! I’m one of them!

You can get RP in Astranaar if you join one of the guilds there, but I’m not sure if they’re taking anyone on at present. You would have to enquire with one of them.

Its more tragic than funny tbh, since the reason that happened is Night Elves getting absolutely owned (with Elune agreeing to them getting genocided) while it also legitimized the city elf crowd of Stormwind that have been more a plague than a blessing.


I know, I’m secretly dying inside.


Where are the elves NOT at? Any place in the world where RP is happening on any level, you’ll find at least 1 elves.

They’re like cockroaches, the fkn things!

But yeah, Stormwind is where they nest rn.


There is normally night elves in Ashenvale indeed! Occasionally it can seem a little bit empty, which tends to coincide with when they head off for campaigns (as is the case with the Nightblades presently) or adventure about a little. Whilst the crowds are not big, there is a steady presence around Astranaar. I can recommend keeping an eye out on the forums for public events such as Astranaar village hours or festivals! That tends to be a good way to find more Kalimdor elves.

Best of luck! :crescent_moon:


As if the burning wasn’t enough. Do elves need to continue suffering?

But any guilds active though?

I saw two that are active but since I don’t see them advertising on the forums or on Argent Archives then I’m reluctant to give them a plug as they may be keeping it small.

Moonspear Sentinels and Moonspear Expedition is actively recruiting, from what I see, but they are based in the Eastern Kingdoms.

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Plenty! The Nightblade Sentinels, Moonrise Hermitage, Isil Theran to name a few! More come and go, but these are those I frequently see in and around Astranaar.


I would love seeing more night elf roleplayers coming to Astranaar (or Kalimdor generally) outside festivals. I’ve tried having my night elves hang out in SW and DW, but they just feel so out of place there.

Night elf community tends to be very guild focused and it can sometimes be alienating for people who aren’t in the larger guilds but would still enjoy doing story-driven RP with fellow night elf roleplayers. And with more casuals around, the hub wouldn’t be turning into a ghost town each time the larger guilds are on a campaign.

Have you heard of the high elves?


Human-looking offshoots of the original elves!


We should organise a little social night!

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Im not big on rping in SW as an nelf. Feels to out of place. Even the park where the Nelf NPC’s are is still to human. Always prefered the real night elf areas like Ashenvale, Feralas and Darnassus(rip).

I roleplayed nelf for years till about 2 years ago but looking to get back into it.

Ty for the suggestions. I’ll look into these guilds. :smile:


There are elves in this game?

Ashenvale belongs to the Warsong now. Elves have no place there.


Rubbish! Why else would the orcs clear out so much prime real estate for a sin’dorei hunting lodge?

We keep it to make a Museum of extinct weakling races. Because we have a heart.

Nuh-uh, we won it back. The epic reconquista may have been buried on a single page in Copeland’s infamous book, behind mission table descriptions glimpsed for miliseconds before AddOns automatically skipped through them and cutscenes only shown if you played through BfA’s worst timesink under the right conditions but we’ll take what we can get.

OP: People begin to trickle in to Astranaar around 8pm ST and tends to be active every night. It’s pretty dead before then.


Turn on your monitor OP there is no dearth of elves on AD.

Oh also open your eyes after turning on your monitor. Should work. :+1:

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