Which BG addons do you use? (Not rated)

My list of favorite BG addons I have collected and used since I started PvP’ing back in MoP:

  • BattlegroundEnemies - replaces any raid addon and does it good. It even track EFCs.
  • Capping Battleground Timers - Very useful! Must have!
  • H.H.T.D - Abbreviated from “Healers Have To Die”.
  • RePorter - A more detailed minimap addon. Must-have!
  • RETabBinder - Never tab-target to a pet or npc again in PvP-zones. <3

Imho anybody who does BGs on a daily basis should use Capping and RePorter as those gives a superior overview of the BG in the heat of the fight. Both requires time for set up.
H.H.T.D tends to consider many dps specs and classes as healers due to their self-healing and minor healing abilities. So this addon can confuse the inexperienced player (targeting wrong enemies etc).
RETabBinder works out of the box and replaces “Target enemy player” and “Target enemy” in the hotkey section. Some may dislike this addon. I can’t live without it - especially in BGs.
Beside those I’ve mentioned above I also use MongoMon and REFlex for simple and fun BG statistics. :slight_smile:

What is your list of must-have BG addons?

  • BattlegroundEnemies for 10-15 player BGs. I have to turn it off in 40vs40, because my pc is to old
  • Capping Battleground Timers
  • H.H.T.D
  • BGDefender to tell incomings at a base

i dont use RETabBinder, i have a macro to change target options(can’t be used in fight):

/run local T,t,P,m=“TARGETNEARESTENEMY”,“TAB”,“PLAYER”," is now set to "if GetBindingAction(t)==T then SetBinding(t,T…P)print(t…m…T…P)else SetBinding(t,T)print(t…m…T)end


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