Which class for Torghast?

So now that the expansion is -50% I think I’ll pick it up. I think I’ll be spending most of my time hanging out in Bastion or doing Torghast. So I suppose it’d be good idea to pick a class based on which ever is most enjoyable in Torghast.

So far my mains have been warrior (TBC), pala (Wrath), warlock (Cata), warrior (Legion) and a pala (BFA). So, as you can see, I like being melee and being able to take a hit. So with that in mind, are DKs fun? I imagine it’d fit the theme of the expansion. Shaman or hunter could be nice too (they have the coolest covenant transmogs for sure). Druids are out of question, that much I can say.

From my own experience:

  • Resto shaman can be very fun in Torghast, there are a couple of sweet powers which all make you powerful in different ways:
    • Permanent Earth Elemental with permanent earthquake is madness.
    • Healing rain doing damage (possibly amplified by increased nature damage power) is huge. You do need a few defensives to survive a big pack hitting you, though.
    • Faster Flame Shock ticks, leading into Lava Burst procs every GCD is amazing single target.
    • Semi-permanent Astral Shift is a very strong defensive, too.
    • Permanent damage taken for mobs you stunned. Combined with the epic power that makes your totem stun twice. Mmmm.
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter
    • A tank, with all the upsides. Still does pretty darn good damage with the proper powers.
    • You can do huge damage with Elysian Decree.
    • Or you can have permanent immolation aura that does a metric ton of damage.
    • Or you can have both!

I’ve played Torghast on prot warrior, prot paladin and holy paladin, but… neither of those were as much fun as the above two. I love resto druids in Torghast aswell, but you ruled druids out, so not gonna recommend them.

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Paladin is not fun in Torghast compared to other classes.

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I have to grin. A very rational approach. :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome back!

I’m really not sure that you will be hanging out in either Bastion or Torghast very much, though.

Assuming you’re primarily looking at world content, you will be shuttling through all four main zones a lot as you level and to gain Renown and gear from world quests in the early days. You may choose Kyrian as covenant, but they send you all over the place.

At this stage of the expansion, you will get your basic gear, up to ilevel 190-200, pretty quick, and unless you’re running M+, your next stop will be Korthia for ilevel 200-230-ish, and there is not much point spending time anywhere else.

And so to Torghast.

The ONLY purpose of Torghast is to grind materials to make your Legendary. Now, how many Legendaries do you need? You can use only one at a time, so unless you are min-maxing for different Mythic bosses or high M+ key affixes, you need only one per spec you intend to play.

Now, the amount of Soul Ash you need for a maxed Legendary is just over 5K. You get 860 from every Torghast run at Layer 8 and above (which you can read as every Torghast run once you have done the introduction), so you will need about 6 runs of Torgasht total for that. If you’re doing two leggos for two specs, double that to 12 ofc, but that’s all, for this patch at least. (We should be able to wear two leggos in 9.2, est April 2022) That’s not a lot.

Now, if you go for the Rank 6 legendary, you will also need 1650 Soul Cinders, also from Torghast. How many runs is that? You get 150 per run at Layer 8, and 350 at Layer 12, so somewhere between 5 and 10, but you will already have picked up at least 900 from the 6 runs you did for Soul Ash, so you really need only a few more.

And that’s it. Once you have that, you’re done with Torghast forever. Unless you just want to collect them all even though most are useless and you can wear only one at a time. And did I mention the price of each piece of the Rank 6 Legendary Base items? For example Shadowhast Helm https://theunderminejournal.com/#eu/argent-dawn/item/171415.262 is about 50K on your realm. So collecting unnecessary Legendaries is an expensive hobby.


As for which class, there’s a lot of opinion around that. I’d suggest checking out YouTube for examples and opinions. Healers and Tanks have been given a certain about of tuning in Torghast, which most seem to agree makes them especially viable.

Personally, I’d go with Prot Paladin, but I haven’t played many classes in Shadowlands, and especially not in Torghast (I’de prefer a dentist’s appointment), so that is a very limited view. I haven’t brought my DK into Shadowlands yet, so I hav no experience on that.

Please ask again if you have any more questions!

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Thanks for the detailed answers!

That’s a bit sad to hear. I had hoped it’d be like in BFA where each zone has one reputation and Kyrian would have you hang out in the sunny Bastion (because I live in the north and going over a month without any sunlight at this time of the year isn’t that rare).

Thanks for the detailed info about Torghast. The main reason I figured I’d be there a lot was simply that it could be fun :grinning: Hopefully. I’m not that into raiding, M+ or pvp. In BFA I loved the zones and world-content (despite complaining about Pathfinder) and even Island Expeditions (even tho they were virtually useless). In Shadowlands there’s… yeah… not much. Torghast is pretty much the only endgame activity I’ll be doing apart from hanging out in the world so might as well try to make it as fun as possible.

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Yeah, Shadowlands is pretty dark and grim throughout. VERY different from BfA, or indeed any previous WoW zones.

I mean, I get we’re in the Land of Death, but it’s simply oppressive to be living in a dark, dank hellhole for a whole expansion.

Bastion has a sky, but a dessicated, withered land (why? WHY??) and a soundtrack that is straight from “Now That’s What I Call Elevator Music for Funeral Parlors”. Seriously, it could be from a Requiem Mass. I expect to hear “Pavane for a Dead Princess” break out any second.

And then there’s the Maw. I literally can’t spend much time there. I can’t, not even the half-hours needed for the Assaults. It gets to me. I turn the Ambient Sound and music off, replace it with other music using Epic Music Player addon (which I regard as mandatory for Shadowlands), and it still gets to me.

You may in fact find Revendreth most to your taste. I always feel when entering it, we should get a pop-up “You are now leaving World of Warcraft”, since it feels like it was copy-pasted in from a completely different game, but it’s not depressing. It’s an American vampire-themed Halloween, but with the aristocratic, civil, and courtly style of vampires.

BTW, Kyrian (Bastion) is the only covenant that requires a dungeon run, if you’re averse to those.

Korthia ain’t great. I’d place it somewhere around Tanaan Jungle as a desirable place to be, so not very good. But it’s a relief to be there, compared to the other zones. Just make a good playlist in Epic Music Player for it.

From the very brief preview, it could be that Zereth Mortis, the upcoming zone for 9.2, will not provoke thoughts of hanging yourself in the barn, but coinsidering what this team seems to think is otherwise acceptable, I’m cautious.

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