Which class to play in arenas?

So i cant decide between shaman,druid,warrior,demon hunter and warlock.Which does really well but its not really high skill based.

Anything but DK and DH.

DH is the easiest of these but it doesn’t rly do well right now. Balance druid is quite OP while being relatively easy to play. Prolly gonna get more nerfs soon tho , surge dmg is absurd.

Play whatever you find the most fun; meta will always shift and sticking to a class will reward you more.


the one that you like the most

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warrior and dh are the easiest, but dh is kinda dog now while warrior is S+ tier

not a hard choice

Hm whos doing better arms warrior or balance dru ? think dru is easier to play

definitely warrior, they are more versatile too and can play with just about every class

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Depends if you are Convoke Balance or real OG Kyrian. Kyrian imo is better in every caster comp besides Fire/Boomy/X but you actually need to know how to play it.

Ye but is it harder to play arms war or balance dru ?

I’d say that on the entry level, melee are easier to get into when it comes to PvP.


If it’s Venthyr Arms warrior it’s even I’d say.

No class is really hard to play properly. At least that’s not where the difficulty lies in arenas. Difficulty come from coordination with your team mates and reacting a situation you’re not familiar with (PvP is scripted to a certain degree, but it’s not as easy as in pve where it’s not similar situation but literally the same situation), so pick up something you enjoy and most importantly try to find mates you like playing with.
Sure some classes have more “tricks” available to them than others, but the tricks themselves are not hard ( it’s literally pressing keys), rather when to execute them, which means knowing how to react to a certain situations depending on you, your mates and the comp you play.
So pick something you find fun and enjoy thematically, and if several classes meet those criterias, try to find composition you think look great to play

I can tell you that warlock is not easy at all if you’re an average player like me. You need to have pretty damn amazing levels of game knowledge/awareness and skill to be able to survive the W key melee onslaught.

It’s quite good fun though if you like playing things that don’t really suit the meta in an underdog kind of way

Boomy is the easiest one - just stay 40 yd from others, press convoke and you are 2.4 rating for one day

If melee warrior is easiest one, i dont think they will generally nerf them into ground in the near future, especially after this amount of rework they did. If range i’d say boomking convoke master. If even PvE girl(Naguura) that never do PvP take 2.1 without any understanding what she did by pressing 1 button, so idk then… :roll_eyes:

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