Which classes were you put off by

Until you tried them?

For me it is rogue.

Never felt liked the fantasy of being backstabbing, thieving and sly son of a gun.

Played this game since tbc and never played one then all of a sudden I play one and I have never enjoyed a class so much.

My idea of their fantasy has changed as well.
I see them as agile warriors, special tacticians, lone wolves.

Any one every been quite pleasently surprised by a class they always put off playing?

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Tried on one classic, hated shapeshifting.

Now that it is way better, It is my second favorite class. Took me until WoD end to try one.

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I hated Demon Hunters and everything about them until I tried one, now I love them


Death Knight, when they first released I just didn’t get the runes… was there a system to it? do I just press whatever is available? HOW DOES IT WORK…???

I didn’t know and I couldn’t stick with it long enough to figure it out :sweat_smile:

Since then I’ve made one in Legion, one of my favourite alts! :sunglasses:

One side-effect I have when I play my DH alt for long is jumping off of stuff without realizing I’m not on my DH anymore :scream: but the class is good fun.

I only like being ranged physical dps in WoW.

Any other game, its a tactic for the scared.

I really miss gliding, double jump and fel rush on my other characters, they feel so slow that it bores me and I end up logging my dh again


Something cool about being a hunter as well. A troll one with a raptor at that for extra points :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Once you experience the double jump and glide, it’s hard to go back. I went ages playing my demon hunter, found them horrible at the start then something clicked and it was amazing.


Majorly disliked demons hunters, as every DPS i met, couldn’t play them without dying or ninjapulling everything.

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Yeah that’s why I disliked them at first but I’d say at 110 they really get better, you dodge everything and leech all you’re health back and burst everything down.

For me it’s Monk. I just never really liked the idea of punching stuff to death, or getting drunk to survive.

Until I tried levelling one for heritage armor, it wasn’t all that bad I would say. I really enjoyed tanking as Monk. Throwing down kegs and breathing fire on the mobs was a lot of fun.


You just described the most awesome parts the class fantasy of a rogue as a negative…

Mostly any caster really. Never liked the feeling of both being locked in place and having “delayed” impact after pressing a button due to cast times. Plus having to worry about being interupted.

Even Hunters have me a bit iffy since it feels weird trying to pew-pew while in melee range!

DH the design is too sharp and edgy, the game play is a 2 button rotation which does not change for ST or AOE and for a simplistic class their really too over rewarded for how little they actually do.


Either way I can see myself maining a rogue now if I continue to enjoy it in the higher levels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it is only 40 as of now :sweat_smile:

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That one hits a bit too close to home


I don’t care about shapeshifting… I like my humanoid form, that race I chose on character creation screen, and I like to transmog.
I enjoyed Druid when, in MoP, you could play Balance with Glyph of Stars. It made your character look like it constantly had the Fade skill effect + stars falling around you.
Then for some reason the nerfed the Glyph to making you go blue instead and I have hated playing Druid ever since as I am stuck with just healer.


Lmao, sad but true.

I hated warriors. Then I made a draenei one in Legion. Loved the class hall and spinning around and leaping with 2 weapons on hooves :smile:

Your weapons had hooves? :open_mouth:

Priests and druids I’ve always been a little funny with.

Shadow priest was never much of a problem, but I could never get the mechanics of priest healing down (but I had no problem with shaman healing whatsoever. Go figure!)

Druids I’ve usually gotten so far then just lost interest and given up. But I’m trying to stay the course with my current ones and see it through.