Which classes were you put off by

Time for you to hit the AV event - there’s nothing slow in there :wink: Its so fast I think Blizz will nerf it on 110+

Not a class itself but all of healing specs, now when they are prunned and easy i find it enjoyable to a degree when leveling monk/pala/priest i spend more time healing in dungeons than actual dps which i’m leveling ^^

I may consider this, but abusing the emissary stuff to grind rep on my chars who need rep ressences is quite hard to ignore. It’s the week to grind rep! Here’s hoping they don’t nerf it because by end of this week I should have all of my chars whom need at elast one at revered, which is what they are nerfing the recs down to in 8.3. Screw exalted, done it on one, never again (except this guy because i’m not too far off with the active bonuses)

I’d also probably wait for the WOTLK TW event, prefer dungeon levelling. From what I hear AV is a complete balls up this time around with people just farming rams and whatnot. I liked vanilla AV but that doesn’t extend to spending 3 hours in it because half of the players are focused on Farmville questing.

Druid, let’s face it… they look dumb. Especially when you was able to turn in to a tree. Dunno what was worse, that or the chicken form. Let’s go fight god like beings and bring a fat chicken who’s gonna chuck light at them.

Really enjoyed playing them though, still haven’t found a beefy transmog that looks good though. Some of their specs have been stupidly OP over the last 15 years.


I’m put off by a few classes, but I don’t like them because of how they play mostly.
Hate Priest most.

For me, it’s Shaman.

I just don’t really understand Ele or Ench and I don’t understand the rotations. They don’t come as naturally to me as a Shadow Priest or Warlock (of any spec) would.

I am generally terrible at melee DPS classes (Unholy/Frost Death Knights, Feral Druids, Fury Warriors, Rogues of any spec etc).

On the other hand I love tanking, but I avoid melee DPS specs, because I cannot play them properly.

At first glances I was put off by BFA ret, until I tried it, then, I was certain it was trash.

I only like playing Paladins, so everything else :smile:

Monk. Dumbass class still, but my only alt is a mistweaver

I dont like any classes other than highly mobile melee classes so DH and Rogue are the only ones i really play (i dont play rogue atm bc of essence grind).

I am kinda tempted to start a mage just for some fun bgs however :smiley:

:astonished: What is more badass then being someone who needs no magic or tricks to get the job done? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am not into being a badass, that’s the thing. Rogue suits me just right. A hunter sometimes. I was hoping for a tinker but alas.

I’ve a problem with classes and races that appear badass and full of pride.
A quick jab in the groin and a bullet in the temple is the way I like to solve my violence related problems.

I didn’t like the dk much. I played one till lvl 56 or 57. And found it boring.

Came back a year later, now i’m planning on maining one for the next expansion.

I read through all the classes in Bradygames World of Warcraft Master Guide sometimes during late vanilla. The book belonged to my stepmom, but she gave it to me when once I became hooked to the game and she quited.

Reading through it, I was certain that I would hate the Paladin class. I later on created a trial account during Halloween 2006.
On the trial account I tried out Warrior and a Hunter; which I really loved. When I got myself an account spring 2007 and upgraded to TBC a month later, I rolled a Blood Elves because I found them to be the most appealing race in the game. As for the class, I went with Paladin because it was the first time you could play as a Paladin on the Horde side.
Some time later when I cleared out Eversong Woods and Ghostlands, I found myself very attached to my Blood Elf Paladin and he always remained as my main in every expansion ever since.

Some time later when Legion was announced, I was quite certain that Demon Hunter would be terrible to play. After playing a Demon Hunter for less than 30 minutes, it turned out to be my favorite class to play.

but after I have play3d it for some time I still find it even more broken than DH.

Home Economics. Didn’t mind the cooking but the sewing was just so boring.

And you wanted the title of Warchief?

How would you defend your title in a Mak’gora if you can’t take your enemy in hand to hand combat? :fist: :stuck_out_tongue:

shadow bolting them into dust

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