<who> ALLIANCE [EU][HC][PVP] is Recruiting for FRESH Season of Mastery on Dreadnaught PVP

< who > is a guild made up of experienced Classic WoW players, built from the project. In preparation for SoM we reached out to various previous classic guilds and communities to form a dominant roster that currently fields a team of three raids. With Season of Mastery nearing its launch we are now seeking additional dedicated and likeminded players that want to be a part of a well grounded guild that aims to dominate the open world, have efficient quality raids, while simultaneously having fun and great banter.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays, bi-weekly for two raid rosters to mitigate respec costs to a 13 day raid window - 20:00 - 24:00 (8PM - 12PM) CET/CEST/GMT+1

  • Sundays, weekly - 20:00 - 24:00 (8PM - 12PM) CET/CEST/GMT+1

Our Goals:

A main ambition is to pursue personal enjoyment while ensuring quality in gameplay. This will represent itself with a focus on PvP endeavours; such as in dominating Un’goro, Gurubashi, BRM, World Bosses, Ranking & Scarab Lord. Efficient raids and clearing content fast are additional considerations.

The Vision:

Build an environment where people play for the team and not only themselves. Where our members also want to take part in open world events to dominate the server.

Rules & Expectations

  • Engineering is required on every character in the guild

  • Full consumables is required for raids and mass PvP

  • Summoning: Every member is required to have a lvl 20 lock a few months into the game. These are mainly for World Bosses, we will run to raids together

  • Epic mount: Epic mount is required in the main raids and is your first priority when you reach lvl 60

  • Guild events are mandatory for everyone in the guild, including socials. (only applies if you have the possibility to log onto the game)

Join and apply today!


Friendly bump - we are still recruiting

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Bumping this post, we’re still recruiting for launch

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bump - server names announced lets go. we are going dreadnaught pvp on alliance.

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i think this is a great initiative !

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Hey there,
HC Rogue here looking for a guild with a couple of HC people and the chance of playing with likeminded people in case of not reaching 60 without dying

regards Quel

World first Keknaros guild still recruiting. Join us on discord and submit your application today!

We premiered our P1 and P2 PvP movie earlier this week. Enjoy!

And we are still recruiting, if you are interested follow the discord link to our recruitment form!