Who came up with this?

Picture this;
There’s a monday meeting at blizzard, all the “higher ups” sit down at the table and discuss what they have come up with.

One idiot puts his hand up looking excited, the head guy points at him and asks what he has come up with.

he then continues to tell the whole board meeting about his idea that legendaries should drop off certain instance bosses, they all cheer and high five him and implement it into the game…

Just imagine a world where this happens, what idiot thinks this is a good idea, i mean why wouldn’t anyone put their hand up in the meeting and say " hold on a minute, if we do that then won’t people just leave halfway through the instance?"

ohhhh hell yeah who would have ever thought of that?!?! come on blizzard who the hell are you hiring to come up with these ideas, most people don’t think of it now but when you are waiting 45 minutes in a queue and the tank leaves after the first boss because he didn’t get his legendary drop and then the whole group disbands and we have to wait another 45 minutes for a queue, who comes up with this stuff? shills are going to say some crap about re rolling another character or changing spec but we want to play the character that we have chosen!!!

please! please! please! for the love of god change the drop rates of legendaries to last bosses ONLY.

This is not a hard fix and it would sort out the leavers.

It really is idiotic design. They should’ve added the legendary memories to the last boss in the dungeon.

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