Who is winning?


Forget about storming the moldy citadel of puny Azshara or the silly naval skirmishes or Silvanas’s misdemeanors. Who is winning the real Battle for Azeroth - that is to say, the skirmishes between us soldiers in the field of battle? Who is winning that battle? Apart from the Horde, I mean.


I would say, on balance, apart from the Horde, that the Alliance are winning.


Agreed. Defo Alliance.


Alliance are trouncing everyone apart from the Horde. It’s not even close.


Groll is winning.

(Fluxache) #6

Gamon has already won. It’s over folks.
[Spoiler alert: Horde wins!]


4 Gnomes replied so far. That can only mean one thing.

Our world domination has started!

Bow to your gnome overlords!

Oh, yes btw. The Horde is winning for sure. But still, GNOMEPOCALYPSE!!

Hang on. four Gnomes from the same Guild. Is this a trick? Is it a ruse to trick me?
Someone, anyone. Punt me!


Last time I bowed to a gnome he thought I was getting a closer look at his bald spot, it didn’t go well.


According to blizzard:
The alliance.
According to the ingame quests and cutscence:
The horde.

Every alliance victory cost the alliance land, large amount of troops and useally require the player the carry the alliance.
Every horde victory is a curbstomp by the player and npc.

To give blizzard credit: This is also true for the player base.
Good alliance players have to carry the majority vs the endless onslaught of the horde.


Horde always wins give us a chance :stuck_out_tongue:.


HAH! Puny Gnomes are nothing but dirt beneath my feet.


nope. :grin:


Hehe wish I could post gifs would post gimly from lotr laughing.


In which case you need more practice.


Indeed he does. I was juggled once by Gnomejuggler. He dropped me again and again, and he kinda dropped the other gnome too, only he was tied round his neck with a piece of string to stop us running off in two different directions. So technically not a drop.

(Someoneelse) #16

N’Zoth is winning


Groll is winning.


It wasn’t string. It was a length of troll hair.

It’s not commonly known, but troll hair is as thick as spaghetti and has a certain nutritional value. This is why there are so many boiling cauldrons in troll camps. When they are hungry (and their impoverished, backward communities often are) they cut off lengths of their own hair, boil it, and eat it with weeds and dirt mixed in. I think they got the recipe from troggs, not sure.


The Gnomes are winning. Mekkatorque is just a distraction, he will rise and rule over all of Azeroth.

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Still didn’t like how the Alliance’s fleet got trashed down in the most improvisd, inconsistent and rushed out way.