Who was the "designer"

who thought it’s a good idea that paladin buffs only last for 10 minutes, while everyone else buffs for 30 minutes? that must have been a really stupid person?

Greater Blessings are 30 minutes.

Good thing you weren’t around when they lasted 5 minutes, you literally had to reapply them during boss fights

Also greater blessings didn’t exists

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thorns also lasts 10minutes only.

It’s better than it was.

Battle shout is 2minutes.

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The problem is that greater blessings are for the whole group and therefore useless, because the different classes need different buffs. I’d always give Wisdom to the healer, Salvation to some dps who overshoot aggro, and Sanctuary to the tank, or Might/Kings to some OP dood who carries us etc.

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The original designers were known as Tigule and Foror, real names Alex Afrasiabi, and Jeff Kaplan.

They designed many aspects of the original Paladin class, and their design ideas were based upon their experiences within Everquest, within which they were originally members of a hardcore guild called Fires of Heaven.

Their Paladin philosophy was based around the concept of Paladins being a ‘pure buffing class’. They felt that buffs should be an active part of the Paladin’s gameplay, to be re-applied frequently, ‘on the fly’, and adapting to changing situations.

They imagined a scenario in which a boss applied different afflictions, debuffs, AOE’s etc to the group, and the Paladin’s job was to adapt, swapping their buffs to quickly compensate.

Obviously it didn’t quite work like this in the live game, but that was the original thinking behind the short buff duration.

No, they are not

Greater blessings are class wide, not group wide

please go download pallypower and stop creating imaginary problems out of nothing

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