Who Will Heal Random Rated BGs?

Curious if many ppl are planning to heal these new rated random bgs.

I’m one of the most active SS healers in EU.
On a disc priest… So you know I can handle some abuse ^^
But even I shudder to think of the newfound heights in toxicity an rrbg will reach.

Dps will go 0/6 in SoloShuffle and flame a healer 1/2hr for it. Imagine what rrbg will be like.


  • THAT guy was on your team the whole game instead of 1/2 the rounds.
  • 7 randomers off-coms trying to organize around multiple objectives.
  • Meanwhile being flamed if you dont queue with a partner on coms.
  • Being flamed, on entry, for queuing an off-meta healer.
  • A prot pally in your raidframes. (ironic I know)
  • 5 of the other team have the same guild name.
  • Some of your team share a guild name with enemy players.
  • ppl who queue into rbg for free honour can now do it in rrbg for conquest.
  • How easy booster sites can work with this.
  • The top tier pvpers already have each other on discord.
  • 10.2 patch notes are all about oom’ing healers.

RRBG doubles the healer ratio of SS.
But if even a guy like me isn’t willing to heal that?
I do not believe enough of you will to make this work any better than SS currently does, in the longterm.

Dont care about flamers. Healers have and will always have instant quews and the ignore button is there for a reason.

As for me personally, if they fix the formula that goes from MMR —> Rating then I will heal in PvP again. Until then I stick to PvE or just take a break.

What I dont want to see is the BS right now in SS where you get -70 rating if you go 2/4, 0 if you go 3/3 (9/10 games btw) and +5 rating if you go 4/2,

Im talking about Rating, not MMR. MMR is fine.

Ive suggested a million possible changes and incentives. And im tired of doing so.

I just hope that in this new RBG system we get a better rating reward system.

It’s a lot more fun healing RBGs than it is healing solo shuffle.

Solo shuffle was literally designed to be abject torture for healers.

What will determine whether I’m willing to heal solo RBGs will be whether the MMR is scuffed for healers like it is in SS or not.