Who/what do you miss - 2

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There used to be this thread about two years ago, one which I liked myself and could relate to.
Nowdays we have some people, some of whom I know myself leaving the game and RP for various reasons, as well as guilds, events and alike, all gone. Thought such subject would be relevant.

Now, who and what do you miss? Any individuals, any guilds, any RP or any campaigns and alike? Feel free to share.


Honestly, there are just so many names that have come and gone over the years. I’d inevitably forget several of them if I tried to make a list - and just as inevitably feel bad when someone less forgetful than myself mentioned them later.

I’ll chicken out and simply keep it to forum faces. Fyne - assuming he’s not around under another name - was definitely one of the top tier lads to post in these here waters.


Being new to RP and actually enjoying it unconditionally


This. Ufff.

I just miss having the attention span to RP.
I miss old times and friends.
I miss so much.

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Fyne. In 10 characters.


For me there are three individuals that I miss mostly, even if I do still talk to them outside of the game.

One has left the game again, and it’s always a mystery when he comes back ( he often says he quits for good, but then returns for a while, only to dissappear once more ), but I always miss his presence. Talking about our mutual friend here Coldshade.

Another is still around in game very briefly, but she, like so many, does not like the game itself anymore, and it has been ages since I’ve roleplayed or done content with her as a result, even if, again, I still talk to her on Discord.

The last, but definetly not least, is Ras the troll, the traitor who first joined the Argent Crusade and eventually fought alongside the Alliance, having left the Crusade at the exact same moment as Des. Though I still talk to him on Discord, I do miss his presence in-game, and his ability to unite and drag the community I roleplayed with to campaigns and other shenanigans. Some members of this community are still out and about ingame, but I can’t recall when we last fought together during a campaign.

And probably the same as Baer, just being new to rp.


I miss not being cynical and jaded, I think I hit a point where I was genuinely fed up with the roleplay scene - and roleplayers as a community - a fair while ago. Too many good people have gone, either through disinterest with the game or losing taste for it due to the antics of others.


I miss not being too depressed to RP.

I mean, I’ve always had “The Sad” but there was a point in my life where I was still willing to do stuff.


I too miss the times of yore when I just enjoyed myself and did not care for much else.
Oh well, there are probably some dailies to be done somewhere.

I miss the time before legion.


I miss him too :frowning:

Other than that, I also miss corruption (unpopular opinion but the 2 seconds greater pyroblasts were just too fun) and also miss my old, rather short-lived guild called Riftwalkers. It was small and we didn’t get to do much, but I liked them.


Shout out to the few following players (that I’ll reference as their characters) that elevated my roleplay.

Cyrgan Black and Tram Darkgear, thanks for being a part of the Amberheart at the time. Lot’s of efforts right from day 1 from both of you.

Coomis Tidewrench, made me invest into Gnome lore and is the reason I made a Gnome alt. And a very enthousiastic DM to work with as well, much love.

Sainur, we all lose touch with the game but man… when he entered the room you had to pay attention because he was going to make your day.


When I could use the Pet Mirror on that raid sword pet drop, use magic crystals, and them mount up to appear (practically) invisible. If only it would have lasted longer!

The old guard of night elf RP, Wrath era or so. Yunaris, Laoise, Laythe and so on. The effort they put into making the Kalimdor RP scene flourish was awe-inspiring.

From more recent RP, I miss Koriandr and Renuath. I quite enjoyed sitting with them by the Astranaar campfire, discussing recent news from across Azeroth and admiring their political views…

…You know what, I miss Astranaar RP, period. Those were… simpler times.

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I miss the time when Horde felt united.


i also miss corruption because as a DH tank with 1million health and 5 ranks of twilight devastation, occasionally firing out beams that would do half my health in aoe damage was incredible.

I personally miss rp from when the factions were actually at war, not having to rp my horde aligned characters as hiding their true feelings on the alliance and pretending to be alright mixing with them. As a neutral faction rper (illidari) it was a nightmare but the faction aligned rp more than made up for it with how thrilling it could be.


Hand of Cenarius was my first proper guild where we did regular events together, and I kind of miss when the guild was at it’s most active. Same with Kestrel Company as well, both guilds that just gradually fell apart but had a solid OOC community.

Gosh, this comment plus the Hearthstone expansion where it’s five randos running around in the Barrens makes me miss my first days/weeks on the server, where me and several other new players thought the way you roleplayed was by doing the in-game quests IC. Innocent Elwynn RP was a fun time.


I miss being new at RP, where everything felt interesting and I had the motivation to write at all. Those times were pretty good. Now my love for WoW and its lore is pretty much dead.


I think for me, I miss a lot of the people and guilds I use to interact with. I’ve lost touch with quite a few of them over the years, either through them quitting or both of us going our seperate ways.

I miss having the energy to host communtiy events and campaigns, I still have the ideas for them but getting them out there and actually running is a whole other step for me. Depression is a beach.


1000% in agreement here, the fact that events in the game had an impact on RP as a whole was great - Teldrassil, Undercity etc. basically forced a lot of great RP to happen, lots of character growth and so on from just having to react to what was going on around. you couldn’t feasibly bubble up in Teldrassil and basically do nothing with your character anymore, whether you wanted to or not!

and in general i miss the sense of mystery & scope both WoW had for me, both in the RP scene and in the game itself. learning the lore through playing an apprentice mage was one of my best ideas, i think.