Why are level 60's allowed to queue low level BG's?

Me (keeping ilvl up for good scaling in BGs):
129ilvl on level 57
19600 hp
5% versatility

My teammates:
? ilvl
14-18k hp
0-5% versatility

Their team:
? ilvl
14-18k hp
0-5% versatility

Their level 60s:
200+ ilvl
22-26k hp
15-25% versatility

Not to mention the soulbinds and conduits they have. They hit much harder, take less damage and always have their pvp trinket (which most 50-59s don’t have). Basically 50-59 random BG’s is won by who has the most lvl 60’s with their “clever use of game mechanics”. It’s the new form of twinking. You don’t need a decked out alt, you just need to queue with a lower level while playing on your main.

I really wonder how this happened. Is this really intended by blizzard or is it an oversight? I haven’t seen any information about this.

EDIT: I’m not exaggerating the stats of the level 60s. I made a screenshot of the scorescreen and checked their armory. Full ilvl 197 pvp gear and a few conquest pieces. So it’s not even about honorfarming in an easier way, it’s just… twinking.


…what? You can’t queue for lower level battlegrounds. You can have access to conduits and soulbinds between 50-60 on an alt. But you won’t have ilvl 200 in the 50-59 bracket.

I have also seen lvl 60’s in lvl 50’s pvp. Their hp was however decently scaled back.

Yes, you can, if you queue in a group. And no, having 25k HP when a regular levelling player has 14-19k is not “decently scaled back”.

You can in PVE, but not in PVP.

lol… “you can’t”.
Just to show you there are level 60’s in lower level BGs, explain this (remove space after the first ‘h’):
h ttps://paste.pics/BE7P1

And armory links:
h ttps://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/dun-modr/shaitz

h ttps://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/defias-brotherhood/kitk%C3%A1t

h ttps://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/defias-brotherhood/xianquai

If you play in a group with friends, that are lower then you, you can get into low lvl brackets in PvP. I’ve seen it on my alts, they just oneshot everybody…what a way to be a “hero”.


Yes, it works with group sync. lvl 60 players can then join low level bgs. It has become a habbit for many players to farm honour this way. I leveled some toons by doing pvp/bgs. Downscaled lvl 60s were all over the place and destroyed the player experience. At least they have to disable covernant abbilities. Getting destroyed by convoke in lvl49 bgs is a trash experience.


Party sync trolling of lower brackets has been going on for quite some time and it’s the favourite pasttime of a lot of platinum level neckbeards to abuse players that are still levelling in battlegrounds.

It’s pretty rife atm in the 51-59 brackets and turns those games into lopsided travesties. Unless of course your team also has party synced 60’s to even the score.


Yeah, this is ridiculous. Every BG I’ve played tonight on my lvl 50-59 has had lvl 60s in it. So much fun.

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A character can level to 60 while playing in a game of PVP. That is what you are seeing.

They can que any bracket even 10-19

It’s there to let people play together.
It’s a positive thing.

What you mention in the 50+ bracket is just a taster of end-game bgpvp. It’s same thing just no party sync.

I sync down to 49 bracket and it’s enjoyable (most games I had in a long time that ending within 1 point), no trinkets, no OP gear, everything is scaled down and templated. It’s great, much better than any pvp experience I had outside.
You still get ungeared players under 54ilvl but the disparity is not so bad compared to max/50+ brackets and the ilvl is easily achievable to enjoy pvp over multiple alts.

I feel this is all unintentional lol but ya its alright.

Can we also mention the twinks exploiting the system by purchasing a month’s sub on a trial account, and unlocking exp just as the sub expires? Its polluting the 20-29 bracket just as much.

There’s so many new players and its not fair this is there first impression of PvP. What chance do they stand?

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