Why are NA content creators so much better?

Asmongold Nr. 1 streamer.

Max Limit twitch is growing like crazy, around 8k average views. Completely destroys the Echo tryhard streamers.

Funny streamers like Yumytv who are also growing really fast.

Meanwhile EU just has tryhard streamers who only complain about Limit not liking them. I know English is a language barrier for EU streamers, but you would still think they would perform better?

Are we from EU just naturally unfunny tryhards :cry:?


Bit troll-ish post but ok. Btw are you sure that we don’t have popular streamers who are speaking with neutral accent so they appear to be NA but they aren’t?


But the best streamer in the world is a Chinese/German former Shaolin monk?

Asmon’s more of a just chatting streamer I’d say.


Europeans streamers have integrity?


Americans naturally have more individualism and are gregarious, so building a stream around entertaining personality comes naturaly for them.
Europeans are focused more on finding problems and effective solutions to the point it they can be seen as they are working and not playing.

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I’m English and I’d take Preach, Bellular and MrGM any day over Asmon.
No disrespect to the guy but I’ve never really understood the appeal of watching Asmon’s streams, I just get too distracted by his seemingly sentient eyebrows constantly dramatically moving all over the screen and then I pay no attention to what he’s saying lol.


you may not like the guy - like i dont - but you gotta add him honors that he found a perceft target audience and is milking them mercilesly - he build a small cult of incels around himself who felt need to belong somewhere. and he capitalised on it nicely .

he created his internet persona perfecly and those incels buy it.

its telling you a lot about modern society - how many peple with serious problems are on internet and how easy it is to trick and lead them .


and the best part is that they aren’t aware about their condition.
internet is the biggest mental asylum.
so don’t go out there to the WWW, stay here and enjoy WoW.

Maybe that simply comes from the fact that there’s more American than European English-speaking audience to be found on Twitch? If you play in a certain region, it’s a better experience to watch a streamer that plays in the same region. The streaming schedule will suit you better since you share timezones and you’ll possibly get to play with them or see them on the map since their WoW account is in the same region as yours.

I could be wrong, but this just came to mind when I thought of a possible reason for this.

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Idk, the only NA WoW content creator i like is Max, and i also don’t think that every EU streamer is tryhard, nor did i ever see them complain about Liquid not liking them. Most people at the top are friends, it’s mostly friendly banter.

Of course it’s subjective, but personally i only watched Asmon until he became big, because i don’t enjoy his god complex fueled takes about everything and his holy crusade against the “evil gaming company practices” (while being a whale in Lost Ark and other gacha games) while banning and calling everyone an idiot who disagrees with him.

I withdraw my remark.

Americans are just more extraverted, europeans are more reserved. Being a streamer involves being an entertainer, a jester, so it lends itself better to the american way of socializing.

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sorry but no female watch Asmond he so discusting



I still don’t care.

How about naming some actual content creators rather than rubbish stream posters?

never understood the fascination with digital beggers asmonbald may have his moment but most of his career his been a toxic dbag ye sure its a persona he puts on but that’s how most people remember him

I agree with the message but the choice of word to describe their audience could had been less irrelevant and abrasive.

Americans think they are the center of the universe and are generally clueless about the world outside their borders.

When you have such a delusional world view you naturally care much less about how other people perceive you and will be more inclined to act like an oaf who skips thinking before speaking entirely.

Meanwhile most Europeans have more real perception of the world and tend to think before they speak. Which can come across as boring compared to the random outspoken ramblings of the average American.

The American way is definitely more entertaining. But better?


I think im following more EU wow content creators on both youtube and twitch than NA ones.

And Asmongold does so much more than just playing WoW nowdays so I would count him as a chatting streamer like someone else mentioned.

2 Things.

  1. He is partially a meme, specifically speaking about his N64 Controller Hairline
  2. Variety Streamer, i mean love him or hate him, but you can’t deny how smart he is to constantly swap his Games based on Hype with a growing succes.

But to be honest, EU has such a massive variate of YouTuber/streamer that are well known in the WoW Community, people that were already mentioned by Bludtooth are just a few. There are way more that come to mind, people like AzAMOuS, WowItsHard (atleast his location on YouTube is shown as “Sweden”), Captain Grim, Kakio just to name a few more.