Why are ret paladins so strong?

10k auto attack, followed by a 10k judgement. Why it is a thing ?


From my POV, Blizz want ret to be the slow heavy juggernaut.
Thing is, for pvp, being slow and powerful is fun only 50% of the time, when you melee someone.

Ret cried about the design, got indispensable Hand of Freedom, got ranged finisher, got Hammer of Wrath back, but kept the insane dmg.

And now we are at the point where they aren’t connecting much less than other melees, thanks to horse, Freedom, ranged spells, but still are hitting like trucks.

The 15% increased Dmg on verdict is overkill in pvp, it just is.


I think their mobility is quite insane for a « wheelchair ».

You can’t kite them and most of their damage is from ranged skills (hammers).


Blizzard will definitely have to choose between huge Dmg and decent mobility if they want complaints about ret to stop.

Why not? People enjoy to global whole raid in RBG.

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Yeah… that’s exactly the kind of damage I was talking about. It’s not even hard to pull off, I mean at least you can see arms warrior building his huge mortal strike, the sub going for Dagger in the Dark cheese, but when it comes to ret it’s just retarded.


The most stupid is you can die even at range and in a random wing proc.

This by far the most braindead spec in sl imo but tbh there is a lot of stuff that I stupid as well.

1year beta btw =D


Well you see him using seraphine at that moment you know its gonna happen. Huge problem is all this CD stacking. Posting Mes’es 1700 MMR RBGs when hes 227 full mastery geared with every single possible buff oneshotting undergeared people is stupid. Still every “good” rbg group is running other classes. Arena wise the dmg is extremly high but really not different from many other classes. When i see a ret pop wings or a mage pressing combust i press a def cd so ? As a Average ret player for years i would trade this stupid rng based dmg for a good def CD every time. Never died without using bubble as much as in this season. Pretty much have to bubble at 80% sometimes because of a global cd lol


He is playing 1800-2200 MMR and got 2k. Playing with random no-voice. You can watch his stream btw.

lol only 10k judgements, try with 10k 10k 10k :smiley: followed by final reckoning 15k templar verdict 18k and all of that in a bubble.


I just watched a couple of those highlight videos back in the day. Since its pretty much the same kind of clips over and over again. He can very well be higher now. But still getting every single external in every clip even with no voice. Its still stupid to deal that much dmg but thats what comes with a huge amount of externals. Also Mastery Scales too strong on ret

Ret is kinda kept in check in arena by arms and fire, at least when it comes to 2s. It’s really in wpvp/bg that they shines, more than 50% of the spec just have no chance against a ret solo. But again no one seem to care about solo pvp.

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Ret Paladin being able to insta-gib you (especially from range) is indeed dumb. But you don’t die “in a random wings proc”. This is pure fallacy. Ret doesn’t kill you with Wings per se, it kills you by stacking damage modifiers and then pops Divine Toll (Ringing Clarity) and Final Reckoning to the job.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think I can come up with several other contenders. :slight_smile:


They stack strength.

get it? :cow:


That is not really RBG. More like random bg against undergeared plebs.

Seraphim in itself is a 13% increase in Mastery and an 8% increase in Haste, Critical and Verastility (remember, Versatility’s offensive benefits are further enhanced by the 2x PvP Trinket Bonus!).

Sinful Gladiator’s Badge (assuming 226 item level, and IF equipped) is +204 main stat.

Avenging Wrath is +20% increase to damage and Critical.

Divine Toll (assuming Pelagos Soulbind tree) is +150 Mastery and the additional effects of Judgment, being +25% increased damage taken from the next Holy Power spender.

Final Verdict increases the damage of Templar’s Verdict by a flat amount, can crit, and can further be modified by stuff like Conqueror’s Banner, Dark Archangel and Skyfury Totem.

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Mes is not playing BGs, you can watch his streams, he globaled people pretty often.

Ok but then those are on really low mmr and if you watch his buff bar he has every buff in the game when he pops.

Not defending Ret dmg but taking those clips from Mes as an example is pretty Pepega.

1800-2200 idk how low is. He is going to hightlights everytime - sometimes 2-3 in 1 video.

You are not wrong. But to be fair, Mes is a multi-Blizzcon competitor/Tournament player who was one-shotting people in betwen 1.4k - 2k. Not really surprising, is it?

Vanguards too has one-shotted people occasionally on much, much higher rating/MMR. But a good number of those clips was also because of people not reacting accordingly. Other times it was just the game being dumb (especially earlier in the season).