Why are so many important fire mage cooldowns dispellable?

As the title says, fire mages in arena rely heavily on combustion to do anything and since MORE THAN HALF the classes can dispel it’s becoming a meme. The recent fire mage buffs are a good start but fire is still close to bottom on the dps charts.

I also know that alter time is a hot topic for dispells but its also an important survivability metric that we need. All in all combustion is too easily avoided and its survivability is to easily removed as its feel like you feel punished for playing.

Because we always have a rogue babysit us by ccing the entire enemy team anyway :rofl:
Alter time should not be dispellable though, that’s bollocks.

It’s not in PVE though, where dps matters.

The devs balance the game differently based on pvp and pve which you can see if you read the latest hotfixes. Undispellable combustion won’t effect pve and they can easily tune abilities to do more damage to players than mobs. Bliz have already boosted classes in pvp numerous times.

Relying on another class to babysit us ignores the fact that almost everyone seems to be getting more sustabinable defensives and self heals except for mages. This wouldn’t be a problem if DPS output was good enough but thats not the case.

You mean fire mage actually requires thought process now…? Crazy.

Because they are mages, they do magic, magic can be dispelled :smiley: They could hit a gym for better buffs.

Hit an arm or muscle in the right place and the body part is useless for a couple of hrs.

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Try to hit a gnome there

Same with Evokers, nerfed the highest damage spell and now force you to cast rank 1 of the spell and then have it dispelled instantly and lose all forms of damage output.
I’ve quit my evoker (which was fully geared and had high reputations of the DF factions).
Time to finish levelling my guardian druid and DH.

Slap a gnome and they dedded :eyes:
Or you are jailed :eyes:

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