Why are we still using our necklaces?

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Azshara just addmited that they used us to free nzoth from his chains. But after eternal palace after all of the thing we learned from azshara why are we still improving our necklaces? What is the point. I wish there were a some kind of a questline to fill this plot hole


I’ve been thinking about this too. It’s clear now we’ve been used, “the king of diamonds has been made a pawn”, and we empowered our HoA to free N’zoth. So yeah, we do we still collect Azerite/listen to Magni?

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bad lazy writing and design

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Game mechanics? They can’t make two separate groups of players where one are using HoA and necklace, collecting azerite and doing their WQ while the other group use regular necklace. It feels something wrongs + essences will become useless
We should see something about HoA in 8.2.5 like someone shows up and says “Hey, we can still use your HoA to heal the world!” Just to keep the necklace going on to 8.3.5 where we will get rid of it like our poor legion artifacts.

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I mean why would you get rid of it now?
Yes it was used against us but it still is a really powerful weapon. Getting rid of it now would do absolutely nothing but make us far weaker.

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Likely due to how actual patch vs lore-wise is different, we won’t know of what transpired in the palace lorewise until the next major content patch is launched.


Well she already did it why would be ditch them now? A bit too late for that.

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This patch is still that we dont know UNTIL we “kill” Azshara. It would be weird changing this mid patch just because of “story”. It can make you angry however much you want but we still live, lore-wise, in a world that we dont know this yet.

I mean with your logic, the moment last boss of a raid is killed on normal (not even by yourself but by whoever is first to kill it) we should just close the raid. Makes zero sense from gameplay perspective.


Enter Khadgar stage right.


So, Azshara used our necklace to free N’Zoth, but the necklace wasn’t destroyed in the process. There’s a valid explanation.


Our Heart of Azeroth wasn’t destroyed or emptied though so make as well use it to heal da wounds or seal N’zoth, dunno.

May change in 8.2.5 or 8.3


Our characters are greedy and don’t really care as long as it makes us stronger. Been like this for 14.5 years.


Rather than the hoa being inherently corrupt though isn’t it more that its a titan juice filled power source that just so happens to have been exactly what azshara was looking for in releasing daddy tentacle.

So even if it was used as a key of sorts, it doesn’t change its still a titan juice filled device which may come in handy later as it’s a source of bug power. We’ve just been duped along the way.

I think of it as our characters had a universal remote that could power and on off any device. Azshara exploited that in bringing it to the prison and tapping into to it deactivate the prison. Its still handy for us to keep such a device on us however.

Also it’d be really annoying to grind up for essences only to have them removed in a patch as we all equip our Benthic Choker of the Feverflare as a replacement


The heart of azeroth has already fulfilled what n’zoth wanted, so my guess is that, there is really no point to abandon the necklace as it would made us less powerful, what they can do at this point is just get stronger and fix the mistake.

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well he’s free now, no reason to ditch it.


Should I never use a knife again because I got cut once?

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