Why can't we have TBC era?

This, please.
I feel like I am prepared.


Personally I think TBC was and will always be the best expansion ever. Love vanilla, but the way TBC fine tuned things whilst keeping the elements of vanilla, with the minor exception of removing pvp titles and shifting the focus of pvp from BG to Arena, which was a shame. But Outland was a game changer in terms of exploring the world content. Would be dope if a TBC server was made or TBC rerun, since WOTLK in end phase is not very fun, in parallels to vanilla or tbc.

Petition for bringing back TBC


They removed tbc, they removed classic clones(stupid af) and they probably won’t do clones in wotlk.

I am not gonna play cataclysm, it sucks!!!

Bring back clones for the most sought after expansions.

No one wants to play legion XD or cata!

I would only want to play this huge arena 1v1 from mysts of pandaria.

Imagine if they put that arena in classic era (yes I know there’s gurubash but it’s different)

Blizzard employ people who actually played those games for ages and instead of doing mindless circle implement changes and let people play what they want!!!

And bring back classic era characters clone service, everything after wotlk was terrible :slight_smile:

The things you’ll get with a TBC Era server are :slight_smile:

-Bots coming fast
-Channels spammed with Boosting and Gdkp messages
-Noclip bots farming all the way around
-Auction House economy ruined
-Arena boosting
-Arena Ruined

Yeah sure, ask for a TBC Era server and see your “wonderful expansion” get reckt by the lack of moderators in the game.

Classic Era is already a joke, Blizzard litteraly ruined my best game ever, get yours too

We should apply to work for blizzard

As with every version of wow. Even HC servers are swarmed. This is a blizz problem, one they seemingly can’t or don’t want to fix.

As with every version of classic. Boosting is ok in my book, GDKP is a bit of a grey area but it seems to be so integrated in the classic scene you can’t do anything against it, esp if bots won’t be banned (RMT).

Well yeah, I want to re-re experience all of TBC with a dedicated raiding guild. Sure bots and boosting are meh but it won’t ruin the game for me. I rather have a TBC server with bots than no TBC server.


I agree.
But the finance side of me feels there wont be a dedicated GM for TBC era unless there is a separate TBC only sub.
And once in few months actions will be too late to make my fel ore farming comparable to what a bot or 100 of them can do.

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Ofc they fear and it’s coming.

That’s how greed ends.

That’s how charging for clones ends.

That’s how packing people in crowded servers ends.

That’s how no real time action ends.

Statistics, statistics

Ps. I don’t want to play cataclysm. I want my classic chars back, I want my tbc progress back and I want my pvp characters to stay on wotlk with pvp season reset. But yeah, blizzard prepared a never ending circle of timewaste.

I want to gear my chars and leave them there. But ye. 2 out of 3 eras have been erased. That’s why wotlk is already dying, people don’t want to farm stuff they will lose anyways.

Indie company


Please Blizzard. Bring back TBC classic server.


Hopefully they announce TBC era at Blizzcon. But that’s a big dose of hopium.


Blizzard announcing TBC era would hype me up more than anything in years.


Please Blizzard! I have made a few posts on this already. There are people who enjoy Classic and TBC as a subsequent follow up before everything was changed in WOTLK. Many people like myself have families, work and other commitments but occassionally we need this place to escape to. And while classic is good it just does not cut it enough…I have never raided TBC and I would really like through the story without just rushing to lvl 80. Besides, everything becomes too easy due to leveling being more progressive in WOTLK than in TBC.
Please bring TBC PVE servers and make some of the peoples dream come true!


I wish Blizzard was confident enough to have the OG eras running if they decide to go beyond WotLK. I have no interest in Cataclysm (or WotLK for that matter) but I understand that some people do. I’m patiently waiting for SoM2 and I know I’ll enjoy it just as much as the first one, but TBC is what I truly love to play. And I really don’t want to start looking for a private server.

Please consider adding a button to the launcher called Original Eras or something and let us choose between Classic, TBC or WotLK. This is not dividing a community, this is giving everyone the option to drink their cup of tea. We already have 3 different versions of WoW and no one is complaining about it. TBC is already in the game and ready, please just enable it.


You forgot to add arena win trading.

In the long run this is the best course for blizz. People are already flocking back to private servers for expansions.

I honestly don’t get why they don’t give us at least one server of each (pve/pvp).
My only hope is that they plan to release classic from phase 1 2019 all the way to wrath classic in a year of so, when the current crowd is in cata and starts to get nostalgic for a progressive vanilla-tbc-wrath.

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The new Classic season might progress to TBC or might start in TBC, we’ll probably find out at Blizzcon.

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imagine they will announce Cataclysm Classic.

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Good question. I don’t see any problem with having one Legacy TBC PvE server. I am against having other types like PvP & RP because it will split the playerbase to much. gw2 doesn’t have RP servers and it is fine.

maybe they should hire more developers instead of paying CEO billions ?

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Probably won’t happen since it’s not free for Blizzard to run a TBC-server. And there is about 6 people who really want it.