Why cant we level via BGs anymore?

Game used to cater to both crowd. PvE players and PvPers… It was completely viable but bit slower to max your character by doing PvP… Now its impossible. Why cant we have good xp from BG victories? We have Marks Of Honor so gear is not the problem if we hit for example lvl 70 we can use TBC S4 gear and it basically carries us all the way to 80. Game is so slow and boring now how can we not have PvP leveling as option…?


Because noone likes to lose a bg because some noob afking to get levels.

Good job blizzard!

There are 2 rings which give +50% bg xp for a total of 100% increased xp from battlegrounds. That might make it quite viable.

Trinkets, not rings.

I lvled my shaman in bgs on alliance in a week…no korracks as this was before that was out

At this moment I’m in the queue for one hour and eighteen minutes for a random battleground. I was in the queue for 37 minutes earlier when it was ended by the game with the message ‘Join as group failed’. You can’t level through battlegrounds if you can’t join battlegrounds.

This is on a level 49-50 Vulpera Hunter

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It’s because at that level range it’s faster to quest than dungeon or bg

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