Why covenants why

I myself have played monk since MoP and liked all aspects of monk game play but with covenant system atm I can’t since like diffrence in “wrong” covenant to you overal performance is huge as you can see from logs in DPS with kyrian compared to other covenants. makes me feel realy bad that I can’t perform nearly as well as my kyrian friend since I like necro more for healing and tanking and it suck for DPSing why?


Not unique to monks. Ask how many druids aren’t Night Fae…

Basically Blizz completely scuffed the whole “we’ll balance it” thing for Covenants. You don’t choose freely unless you are happy being 2-5% behind others of your spec.

(I personally just go with what I want on alts. Only my main will follow the numbers.)

such a huge disparity between covenants for MW for example. Pressing Faeline stomp is literally wasting 3k mana. You should press anything BUT that ability for the mana cost. Even if it was free, you wouldn’t press it.

Weapons of order on the other hand… Is probably the best spell they have in the game rn and can top dungeon groups through insane amounts of dmg.

This isn’t 2% difference, this is the difference between having an ability you will never use, and an ability that will save your group.

Basically true for resto shaman too. I allowed my alt to go NF anyway because Soulshape is soooo good for saving my life. But it’s hard to justify letting your main take a covenant where you won’t press the main ability :frowning:

That said, my guild’s WW monk runs NF and uses stomp regularly. It’s not rubbish for all monk specs, just MW I think.

Also i would like to point out the horrible balance between different classes in matter of covenant abilities. For example i am playing MW monk in pvp, every covenant ability is really underperforming. Now compare whatever covenant ability MW monk has to for example mindgames. Mindgames are gamechanging while fallen order is insignificant.

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