Why did you removed Zephyr from Phase 1?


In the initial versions of the beta, Zephyr was present in World’s End Tavern to provide a ease of passage to the Caverns of Time. I know it was only added in 2.4.0, but why removing such quality of life improvement from phase one?

Please consider reverting this change.


I’ve struck Zephyr from the Beta notes post. She will not be available early in Outland.

We’re going to keep her in mind as we consider similar potential additions through the phase progression of Burning Crusade Classic.


Fine fine, now what about the GUILD BANKS?

Having a hard time understanding your decisions Blizz, but you guys know best I guess.

It would really be appreciated if you guys could explain the reasoning for delaying quality of life improvements from what you described as “the most complete version of the burning crusade” and still find time to make rather significant changes noone asked for.


This is a catch up thing that was added in the final patch, Qol are gameplay and UI stuff.

Your reasoning is retail lazyness, there is nothing more to it.

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How exactly is saving 5-6 minutes traveling to a raid or a dungeon you have done many times already a catch up mechanic?

And how do you explain the lack of guild banks? A feature that was originally intended to be in the game at the launch of TBC?

You’re not making any sense. They should remove your beta access and delete all your games as you clearly can’t even tell the difference between 1 and 2.