Why do resonators hit for 70k dmg?

My char has 93k life, kidney is 7 seconds, resonators hit for 60-70k. Whats the outplay against this, so I dont die in half of the kidney duration?
The guy who allowed this to be in live game should step on a lego, change my mind.

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resonator doesn’t hit so hard 30k maybe max


Non crit, Im talking about crits obviously.

Resonator cannot crit…


Well then explain to me, why my combat log says I got hit for 37k and 32k overkill?

can no longer critically strike, march 3 2022 hotfix

I’ll throw a guess, and say that this was not one, but… two! resonators hitting you there.

Because you had 5k hp.


Trinket / use CD or your mate can soak.

Hm, so the wording would be this ridiculously bad? I need to test it then.

Use Details or something instead and it becomes more obvious just checking the death log

We checked it. One resonator (duellist upgrade) is around 36k dmg. If you get two resonators you are pretty much toast.

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Same with Monks, they can flatout one shot you in half of their stun duration.

in dragonfiesta they dont even need to stun anymore, they just need rising sunkick and you fly to the moon.


They’ve finally achieved ultra instinct kekw

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now we need ultra instinct for defensives again.

in before auto bubble and similar stuff :sweat_smile:

I saw some videos, reaction time 0,00001 second then you can survive it…

I how blizzard will soon time some stuff on beta.

Because mana doesn’t matter anymore and so that bads can win.

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