Why does Torghast feel like Resident Evil on my priest and Dynasty Warriors on my Paladin?

If I pull more than two elites in 220 ilvl on a priest they start feeling like mobs from The Division, literal damage sponges.

Meanwhile my 210 ret pally hops on a horse, pops infinite wings and divine storms through things and they die. Oh and 200k templar verdicts.

The disparity in available powers between the two classes is quite astonishing.

What video game do your alts feel like in Torghast? For comedy


I stopped doing TC on my shadow priest due to disparity of powers, even tho I could do it (226 ilv) I didn’t want to go thru my suffering.

My priest feels like in a silent hill nightmare, every mob taking ages to kill.
Meanwhile, I jump to my warrior with condemn and I one shot anything almost.
Feels my warrior is imbued with game shark codes in torghast, feeling like Cloud with Ultimate Weapon and everything maxed out.

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Shadow after floor 9 in TC feels kinda like assassin’s creed - the stealthiness. Everything is oneshots bar some elites, with dots and SW:D dealing 300K-5M+ and that’s before the 150% increased damage at 20%

They seem to have made some changes in 9.0.5 to make Priest Anima Powers much more exciting. I am personally quite eager to see how solo Shadow will feel.

Horrific Dictionary is hands-down a wonderful power, and getting stacks of it is satisfying. A run for Priest is far from easy without it.

I’m not having a great time on my shadow priest, it’s taking quite a long time depending on what powers I get. It’s a massive difference from my main, which is a demo lock.
I’m glad that I’ve already done TC solo with my lock. I have no intentions of doing it on my priest.

Ye the 55-60% more int per application is quite nice

My shadow priest feels like alien. You run from everything and hope you manage to kill it befor it reach you.

Disc priest feel like Titanic, it f ing takes 4 hours but that boat will sink.

My balance Druid feel like Rambo, run in and kill everything. Feel like you are on top of the world.

Holy priest its a long and tedious slog. 18 floors, sure 3 hours later.

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