Why doesn't Drakebreaker gear work in arena?

The world pvp gear was ment to make people have more / different and fun ways to farm their pvp gear for all pvp content right? the Drakebreaker also only scales up to 408 and the honor gear scales up to 411. the set bonus is not something insane but feels cool to have and is the reason i farmed it in world pvp, hearing that the bonuses doesnt even work in arena is a big killjoy to the whole go out in the world and participate in world pvp activities. infact making the bonuses work would balance more the crazyness of classes randomly oneshotting you

Here is the answer to your question. The first words of your post ! A wise person indeed.

It wasnt meant to be a different way to gear for arena, it was meant to be a world pvp set. Bye

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