Why has monk such crap non identity abilities?

I mean holy crap, way of the fae??? Faeline stomp? Bonedust brew? You coat your enemies in bonedust of your enemies how is that even doing a damage to them, not to mention the ridiculousness? I know these are recycled covenant abilities and thats exactly the problem with these stupid designs… Forget old xpac and create something new maybe is that lot to ask from such giant as blizz? No identity of monk whatsoever… Google images fae shows up some wood green forest fairy more like druid ability. I understand we had those in shadowlands sure covenant gave us their powers we used them there it ends. Yeah we got powers from the ardenweald which was all about fairies and forest and some skeleton crap from the maldraxxus. Does not give any sense that monk kept these in the new talent trees in DF. Xpac about dragons and they pull out some fairy crap on monks cmon… Where is the fantasy about celestial powered monk with fists like steel. The training they undergo in their monasteries does not reflect in their identity. They should focus more on the martial art aspect. In the end they are based of asian monks, Kung fu, Drunken master etc…

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You don’t like monks then don’t play them, it’s simple.

Totally agree with everything the OP said. Class and character fantasy expression should take priority. This is an RPG after all.

The only solution I can probably think of now is to play something else. This is what I did during Legion when they ruined my Dwarf Marksman Hunter in a similar way. I totally feel your pain though.

Something muttered about vinegar and honey…

A friendly tip for the development team people reading these forums:

Maybe it’s possible to rename these class abilities to something more class-appropriate?

Perhaps monks get FireWater or something, instead of


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