Why is bm the strongest hunter spec?

ahh a reading error on my part, hadn’t seen it was only the kill shot.
No, it’s actually worthless, it does so little damage that it’s not worth it

““BM is by far the easiest spec in the game. In all categories.””

a bit strange to say so, because for example fury warrior is even easier to play and has fewer buttons.
but their dps is quite a bit better
and there are quite a few others who are just as easy, but you are just one of those who have seen themselves angry at bm hunters, but unfortunately there are always some of them


40% seems a tad harsh

And bm is more difficult to play now in as long as I can remember.


| BM is by far the easiest spec in the game. In all categories.

You are wrong, before DF our beloved DH was the most easy to play class, today the Evoker with DF got this medal. Can we agree the 'Aug ’ the new faceroll class par excellence?

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It’s certainly the easiest spec to get invited to keys. You don’t need score or gear or competence - just type “aug” in the note when you apply.

BM is not the strongest, nor the easiest, it also has the worst rep for ninja pulls (even though this was fixed, the rep stays), meaning that even if it was doing god tier dps, people wouldn’t invite them.

Blizzard needs to fix BM (and indeed all of hunter) or they risk one of the most played classes in the game turning away players.

For better or worse, Blizzard has made this game primarily about pushing harder and harder content, soon enough hunters reach the very real glass ceiling in place as a result of the current meta. This is not good for anyone

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SL s3/4 sv hunter says hi

Had Binding shot that was good at that point.
And the guy is sort of right people still to this day think as if it is 2005 hunter.

Don’t disagree with this. But community perception takes a long time to shift, hunter is no longer the weakest class defensively in the game but people still act like it is.

But if hunter had god tier damage, it would absolutely be meta right now. In m+, if hunter did more damage than the mage it would replace it. If hunter had very good damage in raid, it would get brought to RWF stuff too. Damage is by far the most important factor.

Yeah, it seems like the community develops collective amnesia about the ninja pulling thing any time a hunter spec does god tier damage.
SV in SL s3/4
BM in BfA s4

Somewhat funny that the seasons referenced where hunter was strong was either when the tier set of Survival was broken, or the Corruption was broken (many strong specs here). Nothing with the hunter was changed during these expansion. Just random borrowed power that made them viable (like the bow in the last season).

Would be fun to be viable without the need of broken externals that has nothing to do with hunters in general and just lucky/unlucky tuning from Blizzard that they then couldn’t roll back.

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So u say if u play an easy spec it cannot be granted to be good? It needs to be thrash? Dont worry bm is by far mediocre at best. But if u wanna downgrade ‘easy specs’ devastation - augmentation. Needs to be thrashed also.

You really have no clue on what u are talking about huh? You would really think if hunter do god tier dmg they would be picked for RWF? Nope they wont 1 reason, THEY dont have any usefull utility, their defensives are thrash compared to most classes.

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Emm nope, MM was ahead of BM in both ST and AoE before buffs, not sure now.

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‘You really have no clue on what u are talking about huh’ No need to be so aggressive sir.

Defensively fine. Not great but not terrible. About average for ranged DPS going by statistics.

If you think hunter wouldn’t get played in rwf if it did ‘god tier’ DPS then idk what to tell you. Either you have a very weird definition of god tier DPS (pretty subjective term tbf), or just historically wrong. Hunter was played in RWF vault of the incarnates and it’s damage at that time was not even that good (Multiple buffs came after during that tier).

Let’s put it this way: If hunter did 5-10% more damage than anybody else on sarkareth, it would have been taken despite 0 raid utility. Of course it’s nice to have raid buffs/raid utility and I hope hunter gets something in the near future, but by far the biggest factor is just purely tuning.

There were strong specs in BfA s4, yes, but BM was the only one that was strong enough to be stacked by both MDI finalists.

Are you sure about this? Everything I heard was that MM was quite weak in AOE. I was certainly doing more damage (as BM) than MM hunters in keys.

Even though BM was strong in S4 (and yes stacked in MDI back then when you where allowed to stack specs), it was not a thing outside MDI. Again, not saying it wasnt strong, but it was not the meta. Data is still around,

Rogue/Mage/Havoc was the meta in the top teams. MDI had a different meta due to being run in much lower key levels, which favored hunters in that specific season.

I mean again this just depends on how narrow your definition of meta is. There are a bunch of hunters on the first pages (probably the 4th most common DPS spec it looks like?) and by FAR the highest representation at 20+ keys of any class in the game. Seems pretty meta to me.

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It’s literally the highest represented class by a country mile in keys above 20. How is that not meta?

I love graphs and statistics. Seems people interpret them based on what they want to see, and not what they actually say.

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It was not. MM is the weakest of the specs in AOE as its hard capped (to 6 targets) which sucks for things like m+ where you’re possibly pulling multiple packs together. Whereas BM and Surv are soft capped.

Sure MM if great for burst aoe/small packs but when your bust is done you fall behind fast.

Hunter discord + theory crafters essentially say mm for pure ST.
Survival > BM > MM for m+