Why is everyone here so gung ho about their faction?


There is merit in that. Maybe send Alleria along to show the Sha-bugs that the Alliance is a-okay with welcoming voidy people?

(Dudflex) #328

Well atleast the Alliance would finally have a cool questionable race instead of whatever void elves are supposed to be.

(Distantpeak) #329

This upsets me.

(Rakihu) #330

Hey, at least they weren’t all forgotten about, like the qiraji :stuck_out_tongue:


sad widdle refugees who just want a huggy wuggy : (

(Dudflex) #332

Don’t Diss the refugees, they’re a good band, especially ready or not.


Void elves, oi oi. Still a hot potato is it? I don’t mind 'em. Could’ve used a lot more build-up before being introduced, though. New race out of nowhere plus denial of High Elf allied race made a lot of people into salt pillars.

That said, I for one would welcome our new Mantid brethren. Mantid in Alliance armour and surcoats, heh…There’s a sight.

(Rakihu) #334

And Nerubians for the Horde!

(Dudflex) #335

We should have got Broken instead of the Ren’dorei.

Cries against body pillow of Akama

(Rakihu) #336

But then they would have to fix them. That’s just too much work. We can’t have that. Think about the raid tier!

(Dudflex) #337

But no one raids anymore, it’s all about that Mythic+


Confession; I’ve never stepped into a single M+. Too much of an old jaded fart to want to do all these new-fangled Diablorift-esque dungeon runs.

Broken Draenei though, way too imba. Their racial passives would have to include “Automatically gains forum aggro”.

(Rakihu) #339

And “smells of rotten egg”


too soon : (

(Bloodseeker) #341

He’s right though. MoP’s story did end on that ideology that you cannot have one without the other. The Horde and Alliance both make each other stronger.

Without one, the other will not survive. That was the story of MoP in the end - and why Wrathion gave up on the idea of getting the Alliance to win and instead opted in to invite the Iron Horde. Or well, got Garrosh out of prison for it anyway.

(Moridunum) #342

Which is a retarded story conclusion anyways.

Sure, technology and everything develops 10 times faster during a war, but you also loss people, who cannot be as easily replaced, Villages and Cities, which cannot randomly appear out of the ground again(except in Warcraft), you waste natural resources on a war between each other when every year a new, world ending threat pops up his head, which should and could’ve been dealt with with all the people, resources and technology you lost during the war between the two factions.

Its like saying we should always be at War with Russia, or China, because we cannot exist without waging war against them or something… Its retarded reasoning. Its the same retarded reasoning thats currently destroying WoW’s storyline further then it has been up to now.

(Bloodseeker) #343

I don’t think it’s technology that the ideology of Warcraft goes on, but the fact that people will fight for what they believe in is what makes each faction strong.

(Moridunum) #344

Thats still a retarded reason; “I fight for what I belief in, he screamed as his whole army fell around him, because it makes us strong! he said as his whole faction is decimated, countless lives wasted as the Void awaits this ideal moment to return to the world”

A Azeroth that fights against each other will never be as strong as an Azeroth where the races either band together in world threatening situations, or a united Azeroth.

(Elenthas) #345

We are a bit stronger now than we were when we fought c’thun all those years ago

which makes n’zoth kind of a baby in comparison, but oh well

(Lintian) #346

Honestly, the OP’s question puzzles me too. I don’t remember such faction jingoism being so rampant back in Legion, or even WoD.

The “[NPC] is a traitor to [faction] because of something they did in cooperation with the other faction” spiel is getting tiring, to — as is accusing everyone who doesn’t like what Sylvanas is doing a traitor to the Horde. As someone who actually lives in an authoritarian country where it’s easy to get branded a traitor if you criticize something the government does, this is downright creepy to me.