Why is mana mostly useless?


One of my all time favourite changes in WoW was hunters using focus instead of mana. It didn’t fit hunters and it was so frustrating to OOM and viper for half deeps. That stands true for everything that could run out of mana mid-fight. I think modern WoW gets a lots of things incorrectly, but resources are infinitely better to me than they were. You can disagree, but you can’t just state your opinion is absolute. (In the OP you act like your feelings towards mana and how it’s useless are facts, they are not.)


mana for dps classes wasnt an issue in pve anyway since wotlk except arcane


Agree. Mana was completely pointless at this point for most classes aside healers because mana regen was built into their kit so they had absolutely no resource management whatsoever, I remember ret Paladins getting like 15% of their mana back when they cast judgement or something equally absurd.

This change was made because blizz realised its a bit of a nightmare to balance dps classes against each other when some have unlimited resource and others don’t.

Eventually we are where we are at so every dps class has to manage some kind of resource but that resource does not “time out” and force you to sit out because of time alone. You’re forced to sit out if you manage your resource poorly and the sit out time is not hugely long.

I’d rather the current model. A hunter in older expos could not avoid going oom unless they purposefully gimped their dps significantly, and those that didn’t gimp it would have to eventually with viper. This created too much of a disparity with rogues and warriors who are only punished for a few seconds if they don’t use their resource wisely and do not have to pay such a high price to their dps if they do overspend.

I agree though for certain classes mana should be removed because it does nothing. I’m looking at locks and fire and frost mages. It’s pointless they have a mana bar as their resource they manage (shards, fire blasts, icicles) have nothing to do with man’s at all, so their spells may as well be free. Unlike shadow priests and balance druids they cannot cast spells which do cost significant amounts of mana which can deplete their stock either.


With most ranged damage classes mana is built into healing and utilty. Frost and fire mage run out mana very quickly spamming spellsteal, shadow priest run out using heals and shields… etc. It’s a decent system.


Well Mage still have manabar for spellstealing :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe people should learn not to overheat and spam mindlessly and to preserve their mana.
It was a thing back then it should be now also. It makes a difference between a good and a bad player.
Spirit should be a thing, manaregen should be a thing could go on. CDs like mana regen totem, hymn of hope etc should be a thing.
Proccs from sps and palas again.
This design is just lazy af


Running out of mana has never been fun. So very few classes these days have that worry, thank god

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Well, classic is coming in less than 2 days.


At first I was hyped, but then realized that feral isn’t viable in any form so I might just pass it


Good catch. I missed that.

Locks, do they use it for anything spammable? Fear perhaps? I’m not familiar with their kit costs


Yeah but those philosophies clashed. Big time.

I remember replenishment. I also remember if I had a shadow priest in my group as a holy paladin to trigger it I never ran out of mana, even when spam casting. Replenishment and illumination meant there was no management of my mana required whatsoever.

I agree with timely mana cds, to use at the right time. I disagree spirit and mo5 promoted mana management–they undermined it. Once you had ample amounts of your mana management stat, you could spam heals constantly without any fear of going oom whatsoever unless an encounter dragged on for ridiculous amounts of time.

I agree some dps don’t really need to think too much about their resource, but what management there is is preferable to the absolutist “you go oom and then you wait for ages” stance. This only punishes mana dependent classes and makes them a liability compared to other classes. To balance it you’d need to make mana dependent classes has vastly stronger dps so if they budget their mana and sacrifice dps, they end up equal to others.
However this would create problems for short fights or fights where mana management isn’t an issue (or certain comps where you can pump them with mana) where they’d be infinitely preferable to rogues.

It’s far easier to just balance all dps as if they have unlimited resource and make the efficient use of it the principle, rather than making sure they never run dry.

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Play one of the mana classes? Since that’s what you were on about in the post I quoted?


Because they were told running out of mana is not fun. As if doing dead rotation over and over without any restrictions is more fun :-1:


As a warlock i had no problem with it (life tap) but now im glad my mana is infinite.


This ressource management hasn’t been scrapped, all dps/healers have this one way or another. What makes the good old Mana management any better ?

Being able to spam until you go oom ? Because let’s face it, the main difference between the current ressources and the Wotlk & before Mana system was that you didn’t had to charge your ressource bar to use your most powerful spells.

Something similar to the Hunters then ? I don’t think it matches the usual rpg concept of Mana but it could work.


Seeing as how Blizzard removed PvP vendors due to thinking it would confuse players…

… it’s probably because they think it’s too hard for the average player to work with.


Drain life

Pretty much it


Make the word ‘feral’ interchangeable here and give it a week, lol

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Yeah, more or less. The original mana concept doesn’t exactly work so well with the modern philosophy, where you need to use something on every gcd. But something else could be invented without making resource management a null thing. There has to be some middle ground, you know what I mean?


Well now classic will be available soon. you should try to raid there and tell me how exciting it is to preserve mana as dps c lass :wink:

I mean you spamed them same button but just disrupted by mana limit in the end (or how much gold/farm you want to invest into a raid ;^) )