Why is mana mostly useless?


Life Tap omegalul.

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QOL changes happened, casuals complained over the years of running oom and how not fun it was and so blizz decided the best idea would be to make mana not mean anything.

That’s how this works. And how all the changes happened.

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It’s like you didn’t read anything anyone else have said in this thread before you wrote your post. :expressionless:

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Mana ment a lot in the past. I miss it because when we could oom as a dps we actually had a rotation. I used to play destro warlock back in wotlk and life tap was part of my rotation. I used it once every two cycles (and I had to be careful of boss mechanics as well. Mages gad evocation and it was part of their rotation as well.

Point is each caster class had a rotation because of mana management. And perfect rotation was what showed you were a good player. Now we have priority and spells that have cooldowns.

This is why mana was replaced with a new resource and now its there for utility only.

And now we have worst imbalances. Enh shaman can heal with his maelstorm and if he has none he uses his mana. Even when oom shamans can do dps. Mages on the other hand can spellsteal but when oom they cannot dps. Thata not fair :frowning:


I’m not even sure you want ever to play ranged again if you have to “manage mana” when last fight hold for more than 10m to be honnest.

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That’s not how Enh Shaman works.
If you have maelstorm the heal cast is instant, and consumes both Maelstorm and Mana.
If you don’t have it you just cast it and it costs just mana.
We’re still limited to 4 heals before we are oom, or 5 if we stretch the timings.


Yeah, it feels cheap, like it was done in a way that allows devs not to worry about counting and balancing stuff too much. Got the same feeling with gear going 60+ it used to be quite the difference in power to get gear from Outland/Northrend, now its like +1 here, +1 there, maybe it helps managing so many expansions but its so boring.

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Because the game has been dumbed down over the years… in previous expansions mana was essential, now though… it means nothing other than determining a caster from a melee.

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Than it’s your turn to play Classic. People there complain how fast mana burns and they have no chance to heal or cast. I guess you will be happy with it

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It would mean high burst if mana was the primary barrier. It would essentially be energy.

Blizzard have tried in the past to work mana into the rotation. For instance balance druids returned mana when they shifted phase.

Mana for some specs is a legacy resource. Currently mana for non-healers allows you to use your utility spells like off heals but due to the low regen it limits how much you can heal. So no tank-healing rets.

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And how would you balance that around a quick 1v1 PvP situation and a 6-10minute(or sometimes, rarely, longer) raid boss? Curious.
I do agree tho that mana for many classes that currently have it is by no means their ‘limiting factor’ like say, my Energy is for me.


You are in for a big surprise, in same way it is balanced today?

You know different mana regen for PvP and for PvE ?

(Which is currently trash, but it is possible …)

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I know that, but that’s just for things like retridins healing really. A fire mage doesn’t run out of mana in PvP now does he?

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They are not balanced currently. As a rogue you should know!


Current system is trash which is something I mentioned in my comment, I was just trying to point out that it could easily work …

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Sorry, I wasn’t aware that I had mana as a rogue. My bad.

Okay, how?

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Every thread needs a TLDR

I’m gonna give you 1 yike.

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I want my Chi based healing back :<

The OP’s post is literally just 3 paragraphs… -.-

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I wouldn’t consider them paragraphs.

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You may not consider them paragraphs, but Macmillan English Dictionary says otherwise " a section of a piece of writing that begins on a new line and contains one or more sentences".