Why is there a bike icon above the quests when using Chauffeur?

I only just noticed this when questing on a new character. As far as I know it’s the only mount that has this. Is there any reason for it?

Its because its a ‘multiperson’ mount. The chauffeured mount was adapted from the standard bike that the owner drives, and a guest can sit in the sidecar. You can eject them with clicking on the bike icon.

As you are both owner and passenger, i think youd eject yourself.

Every other multi seater mount have such an icon for themselves to eject your riders.

For multiperson mounts, you see a picture of the mount and the seats in it, driver and passenger spots.
For the Chauffeured Chopper that’s the driver seat and the sidecar, which you’re sitting in as your Chauffeur is driving :slight_smile:

For other mounts, let’s use another Chopper as an example here, the Mekgineer’s Chopper, that’ll show the driver and sidecar spots if you have a passenger.
You can right click on that passenger spot to Eject it if you needed :smiley:

The Grand Ice Mammoth just to use a different example will show a picture of that Mammoth, the driver seat and the two side seats in that same part of the screen if you had that one.


nice reply blue, another player already replied faster and we have bigger issues that go SILENT. GGWP

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