Why is there a godda*ned maintenance EVERY DAY

Can you stop with this garbage, some people want to play the game they’re paying for.


You’re paying to test a game so that they can fix it towards the end of the expansion just to release the next buggy mess xD and the cycle starts again

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i like to play WoW.

but what its going on i have a desire to either pirate it (wich i cant)

or pay for game time with tokens but im complete noob when it comes to money making

this company doesnt deserve my euro


Are you surprised, it’s been resets pretty much everyday for the past 2-3 months, from Reset days up to fridays.

We also pay them to fix their game!

im already on tokens for a while now… let ppl that wanna pay do so , i do f2p as long as i just wanna not abandon my character… ill pay when is enjoyable…


Who wants to bet that they will extend the “LIVE maintanance” an hour.
And then double or nothing on a further hour :smiley:

Of course you are able to login in this time and “may experience some disconnects” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

30 minutes now and haven’t been able to log in a single time. I’m getting quite tired of this, really. Like last reset when they said 07:00 and extended one hour each time until 11:00.

Sorry, no. That’s a too safe bet, I wanna keep my money.

Depends on what you are betting :joy:
Seems like login is possible again but no Realms yet.
Your chances are improving but the time window for betting is closing :smiley:

*Edit. Seems you would have won but the window is closed for betting :smiley: Let’s see how long it lasts

i didnt play for like 4 years, they were bad then, but now, i encounter a bug every play session…
and i dont talk about addon bug, im talking full blown in game bug.
you cant even report a bug, coz they dont give a flying flip

I must be the luckiest player around, play daily since launch and have only experienced two bugs.

this is the standard for live service software development today, patch as you go


Gawdamyou Blizzard!!! Fix these bugs!!

Blizzard…Ok will attempt to do so at approx 3am when it affects the least players!!

Gawdamyou Blizzard!!! Why so many maintenances???

Think this just about sums up the situation.


That’s the entire point.

I’m dying to know what’s going on with their technical/QC

Because Dragonflight was rushed out before it was ready in order to be in 2022 so the shareholders got a good end-of-year bonus and wouldn’t vote out anybody.
DF should have been held back until March 2023.

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Server go down everyday and still my pvp neck is bugged. :grinning::grinning:

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