Why necrotic still there?

Why s necrotic still an affix? I know it’s been nerfed a couple of times but trying to pug a tank this week is painful. Please don’t have affixes that put tanks of playing, everyone suffers then.

Huh? Necrotic is almost a complete non affix in its current form.

Try telling that to the tanks that are not playing this week then…

At this point, its already hard for me to tell if its the affix or the m+ mode is hitting a new participation low.

Don’t think it’s tanks, m+ feels a bit empty in general, think there is more ppl in Beta and in retail right now.
Most people got what they wanted from this season and are either in wrath, beta or playing with else till DF comes out
It is still a lot easier to get a group than was in alliance before cross faction groups.
There is some new ppl, probably came back to play a bit before new expansion. Completely clueless about new dungeons in this season so it’s not a lot of help but still - it’s not that hard to get a group together.

Probably past trauma tbh.

I was saying “Great, a week of not playing for me” until a friend convinced me to come and do some keys and well…

Turns out Dejarous is close to the truth. It really isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Or well, at the level of keys I’m doing anyway, which is 15 to 18.

I think you are probably right, it’s more a question of how the affix is still perceived rather than the reality but this still has an impact.

It really depends on what spec you tank though. It is a world of difference between for example a Guardian and a blood DK.

They both deal with this affix with almost zero issues , idk how they are that much different in this particular comparsion

The difference is the BDK does (almost) never need to deal with it.

So does the druid tho . Probably more since bdk but its still a non issue for both

Thinking of the lower kara bdk vs guardian (21 vs 20) yesterday, it definitely is an issue. And it was the same player. Even one who is maining guardian since forever.

Havent realy tanked this season with necro but idk how it is different this season than last.

During your big pulls bear is imune to necro, during small ones u either dont care about it or u can just typhoon and u good .

Imho its more difference about bdk vs bear in particular , rather than during this affix. As we all know bdk is crazy busted compared to bear .

BDK keeps runeweapon up full time by chainpulling. There is no necrotic. When a pull takes too long (for the bear, not for the timer) the bear needs to run. And then on the next pull again, and again and again. Till boss or incarn. The lower kara was a pain with the bear.

Necrotic is very much an affix thats super easy to deal by a coordinated group and a bit of a dread in pugging. Thats most likely what makes it still controversial.

Necrotic for a DH is also not an issue. I actually like thanking when it is the affix.

Necrotic and Inspiring Mythic+ Affixes Currently Missing from Dragonflight Season 1 - Wowhead News

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