Why so many outlaw Rouges? (not bashing)

Now a few things I would like to set out before I jump into this.

I have recently returned after a few months out and decided to roll a Rouge. While I have been leveling I have paid attention to all the other Rouges I have seen and most of them have all been outlaw from 1-120. Why is this?

I have played about with all three specs but dropped sub as I found it lacking I like assassin most if i’m honest I find it faster to kill especially after level 60. I cant see though why outlaw seems so popular are the dots of assassin unpopular or do people like the extra mobility and simplicity of outlaw? Or have I missed something along the way.

How do the azerite traits factor in when at 120 between the two specs? As I said in the title i’m not bashing on people, let them play what they find fun i’m just curious as to why there are so many.

Outlaw is the best spec for levelling, and atm is the best rogue spec for keystones thanks to its godly AoE damage. For raiding Assa remains the most popular for sheer ST damage, although Outlaw isn’t too bad and has the superior sustained damage so long as you reroll for good orbs and don’t get shafted by the RNG.

Plus it’s fun, like most direct damage classes. I can’t stand DoTs because I myself am doing scarcely anything but watch some timers.

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15 years and people still can’t spell it lol


Ah thanks for the insight.

I really like playing Outlaw overall. The AOE is great, the hook and blade rush feels great to use, the dice rolling could be fun when you get all dices to proc. A big + for me is that you look badass with 2 swords also :stuck_out_tongue: Overall a really fun spec to play. Atm I am playing Assassination but that is only because of raiding. If I would run around doing world quest I would spec Outlaw.

Outlaw is the simplest spec to play where the only thing which dictates your DPS is RNG (so not really your fault) no dots to maintain, rotation is simple and changes with one button toggle when it goes to AOE. Its got reliable ST and very good AOE for rogue as a class this is the best PVE spec for players who live in M+ content

for leveling it is obviously better because it doesn’t rely on stealth and neither on dots. Both is very good for leveling. Outlaw is like leveling a warrior, just charge in and smash some buttons, preferable pull more than 1 and aoe them down

If you’re seeing allot of rogue they must be doing something wrong. Also Outlaw is the most enjoyable spec to play.

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