Why the archon deserved to die

Not just is she leading a dukl brainwashed cult who’s damning millions of souls by sending them to the maw, no she also treats Uther very badly despite him being the most broken soul they’ve ever seen. Hope Kleia becomes the new Archon because she’s at least a bit sympathetic and actually helps you unlike the Archon who have nothing better to do than to fly at one point.


The only people treating Uther badly are blizz.


Dead from her own disciples prophecies - how ironic

I’d have liked to connect with her on a deeper level as a character, but apart from yelling at people and just getting her paragons to do the job, I don’t feel as sad or shocked as I would have felt.

Her brashness of ‘the Path’ wasn’t even elaborated upon. There wasn’t even a moment of explanation or discussion around it. I could only recount Kleia’s questing which was pretty much rounded up to:

“The young 'uns shouldn’t see we’re totally part of a broken system, so we might as well keep going!”.

She was just… there. At one point blocking my vision during the Spires of Ascension fight.


She deserved to die. It just showed us how weak these eternal ones are, same with denathrius eternal ones are pathetic when it comes to power lvl i think they are on par with titan constructs like , Ra-den, thorim etc. I mean further proof is in spires of ascension where she got almost mortaly injured from devos.She preached all this courage, loyalty, humilty etc and yet she could not even fight mortal with some juice from jailer.


Archon wasn’t killed, no. Bastion would have crumbled in that case. Technically you can not really kill the Eternal ones. Their essence will just continue on and would form a new body.

If that is so, I hope it will be a body that actually does something more than look aghast.

Or is able to attack. Either/or.

Can someone please replace the WoW narrative team before they introduce even more nonsensical, inconsistent, and driven-by-pet-characters lore?

At this point, it’s getting rather stupid.

But hey, the Jailer is a really interesting supervillain. He will show them…he will show them ALL! MWA-HA-HAHAHA!

I think the Jailer is a quite decent villain tbh. I think the major problem is that his appearance wasn’t a mystery at all because… well you met him right at the start and you just wonder what he’s doing the whole day y’know… anyway I think he actually became more interesting with the new patch.


I don’t. Just another “mastermind” whose entire shtick seems to be “Finally they will see that blablabla”.

Shallow and cheap.

But that’s what sells these days. Complex characters make people uncomfortable. And being all edgy, brooding and referring to a vague injustice of the past does not make a character “complex”.

I hate that one so much, especially since Blizz actually told us that there is nothing secret about the Jailer’s banishment in the Necrolord campaign. But I guess we are too stupid to identify the Banished One, after his servants call him that to our face, or something like that…

Balmedar says: " [Binding of the Banished One]"? Why, this is little more than a history book.

She’s not dead:

The Archon survives her wound. They tried to show this by having her hand move after the event in the trailer.

This is from the Blizzcon Online Q&A.

Well, I’m disappointed…


She is one of the eternal ones, that form the pantheon of death.

She is the creator of Bastion and already in shadowlands.

I don’t think the eternal ones can die or death mean anything to them.

Is she, though? I believe it is stated somewhere that she was the first winged Kyrian, so, the first one to Ascend. That means there were more non-Ascended Kyrians alongside her before she became the Archon.

all the eternal ones created their own domain how did you miss this lore piece ?
i would say the Archon who is not dead btw as confirmed by the Q/a was tremendously sapped of power by the drought which is why the winter queen is probably F’ed too

Only one weakened is denathrius due to him sacrificing lot of his power to jailer and spliting some to medailons. Others are 100% and still they show no titan level feats, like look at severely power sapped manifested argus he still had enough power to destroy multiverse in wow and was barely stopped due to us with Godlike weapons+power of all titans combined. Like that version of argus can stomp jailer with no effort.

could he though we’ve never seen the jailer actually fight it’s quite possible that argus would lose

Another failer of blizz storymaking team. As in BfA, all main characters, except the jailer side, are powerless in everything against Jailers might. Veeeery good work (pls, its irony).

Maldraxxus was supposedly created by the FIrst Ones.

Ardenweald was changed by the Winter Queen. Not sure if there is any info about the other 2 covenant zones.

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