Why was I silenced?

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I was silenced on the forums a few days ago though to be honest i didn’t even know since I’ve been on Classic. If you’re going to silence someone at least say why on the bot email.

I type fast and don’t often proofread (I will from now on) so I obviously missed something that was concieved as bad but I won’t know what that was unless you tell me or I read every old comment I wrote.

What did I do? At least tell me that.

Did some Multiboxer mass report me because I complained about multiboxing?


You complained about multiboxing?

Yep, then you get silenced, multiboxers say they aren’t aholes but if you disagree with them they will use their multiple accounts to punish you for not praising them

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That’s what I thought lol, it’s so sad


Yeah, no. That is not a thing that happens…

Reporting ingame I could still see since you can easily do that while playing, even if I highly suspect that most of us don’t bother reporting on even one acvount, but to use multiple accounts to report on the forums you’d literally need to be multiboxing web browsers to do it simultaneously, or log in and out one by one to do it. You really think anyone bothers to do that because you said something on a forum?? I highly doubt it. Bluntly put: no one cares enough to bother…

Of course this is also ignoring that Blizzard could easily see that it is one person reporting and either action them for abusing the system or just ignore the reports. Although the automatic actioning systems seems to not do that based on some player experiments. I do however not subscribe to the notion that reports=action. I get reported just logging in. I must have gotten loads and loads of reports while PVPing. Yet, nothing has happened ever. You’d think we’d be the to feel it if reports alone meant action was to be taken.

I’m a 15x multiboxer and I don’t bother reporting people even on one account. I just don’t care enough if someone is being obnoxious. I just ignore and move on…

Why you were silenced, only Blizzard knows. Anything other than a statement from them, which they will not give, is pure speculation.

It’s of course convenient to blame whoever you happen to hate. Those darn multiboxers, mods, instagram haters, communists are totally out to get you because you need to be silenced, right? It’s all a conspiracy I tells ya!


Hey Dazzlebell,

We do not discuss account related actions here on the forum, this would include forum suspensions as well. I can see that the suspension at the time was not a mistake though. If you want more info on this or appeal it, you can do so here.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

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