Why was the Season 6 arena gear not reduced by half?

The end of season reductions have, to my knowledge, always been 50% on all items available. Yet for some reason during the newest reduction, Items were not all reduced by 50%

The Two-handed weapons for instance, was originally priced at 4500 Arena points, which should then have resulted in the item being reduced to 2250 arena point cost, yet the item now costs 3037 points?

This seems to follow a weird trend there has been, of a bunch of small unannounced changes regarding end of season (including that the 2200 weapon requirement was altered to 2k out of nowhere)

Is the 3037 price wrong? Or is this merely an unannounced change?

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…what the…
Its cool that more people have it, but with this Information I would have done some things otherwise and now I cannot revamp it.

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