Why was Virulent Plague nerfed fo SL?

Can anyone give ma good explenation why Virulent Plague was nerfed for this expansion?!

Nerf to damage, RNG component deleted and spread component deleted.

How is the “A master of death and decay, spreading infection” working out for us? … Frost Fever deals at least double the damage and it’s easier to apply.

They redisegn UDK mastery and now its mostly pets slave master. Kekw

They should change the description.

How is the pet master … bla bla tactic working for us ? Does the pet deal 10k hits? Pet hits exactly the same, proportionally, as in BfA (blight included)

Pet master when the +40% Versa from PvP trinkets doesn’t even apply to pets, amazing.

Because almost all AoE got nerfed via target caps or target damage scaling. Even with the nerf, UH still tops meters for high target counts and still stays competitive in the ~5 target range where theoretically hard-capped specs should shine.

Besides, we still have updated Unholy Blight to spread Plague to everything that comes near you for 6 seconds compensating for the loss of the Plague spread mechanic which isn’t a big deal to begin with.

What is your point exactly? Do DKs just like to complain as a hobby?

I like new design. And to be honestly i’m tired of this whine 24/7. Yes, UDK is the worst spec atm with MW monk in PvP. If they don’t care - means they don’t care. I just want to play this game and thats all.

Have you watched MDI? UHDK was not topping the meters unless the pull was a lot more than 5. Druid, Windwalker and Mage are the stars on 5.

How is this related to the topic? The AoE damage does not come from VIrulent Plague, but from Epidemic and the plague is just the carrier for it.

I’m don’t even care about damage if they make it do something extra as the other ones do. They just took out the extra and put nothing else in.

Blood heals, Frost generates RP and Virulent … nothing.

they nerfed down DoTs overall ALOT. nowadays Epidemic is what gives VP its Damage… its not a “pet master”. in M+ overall Epidemic is 17% of my overall Damage.

With bursting Sores being 10% afterwards

Virulent Plague is doing 6% Also.

Which means our DoT Rotationally is doing 23% Of my overall Damage. while my pets doing 7.4% of the damage. the problem is your not including all the factors of the situation.

i think our pets Damage is more relevant on ST Fights. but thats also because our BiS legendary is a Damage and attack speed buff for both us and the pet.

and lets look at other DoT Classes

Spriest - Searing Nightmare does this effect overlapping it with Mind sear. it does 100% Increased Damage to DoTTed targets

Affliction - Malefic Rapture. their DoTS pulse With AoE Damage.

We are At the top with other DoT Classes, the issue is u dont see is the fact theyve moved entirely away from Heavy DoT Damage. because it causes un-needed ST Nerfs to cater to MultiDotting.

Epidemic is built off the back of our DoTs. its apart of our DoT Damage now.

Epidemic doesn’t give VP damage, my runic power deals damage by using Epidemic, different story.
You don’t seem to understand the concept of carrier. VP only enables Epidemic after which it has no influence on it.

u could argue that about all the DoT based DPSers new mechanics behind damage.

We’re a leading DPS in the meta currently… i dont see a problem realistically.

I usually finish Mythics as top overall dps (since my item lvl 184 to my curent 203), but as I saw on my experience and in MDI, when it really counts, Druids, Mages and Monks are the ones that shine.

I’m not even sure we argue on the same topic. I’m not saying that UHDK doesn’t deal damage, but that it’s lacking in the class fantasy side of things.

The thing that VP is missing can not even be damage related and I would be glad every spec has something special in their plague.

Causes each of your Virulent Plagues within 100 yds to flare up, dealing (150% of attack power) Shadow damage to the infected enemy, and an additional (27.5% of attack power) Shadow damage to all other enemies near them.

thematically it actually does, read your abilities, it gives context to the Fantasy of your class.

Thematically Epidemic is built on the concept of infecting a target with a plague and using ur Power Manipulate that Plague to Cause Spikes of Damage to your victim. But to also use your Host to Inflict pain on those surrounding him.

who cares? We all shine at different times. even counting those top 4 is still a strong place to be.

no u ignore the fantasy Read ur abilities… thematically epidemic IS vp damage it litterally says that in the description.

your manipulating ur plagues to Do spikes of damage to ur victim and causing pain to those around them through VP+Epidemic combinations. from a fantasy point of view thats EXACTLY how it works.

aswell as u applying Sores to ur target through your blade which ur able to explode for additional Damage. the idea we naturally Apply lesions to the target to explode through our magic is another source of this.

u ignore how ur abiltiies work through a Fantasy point of view because u cant see a physical Result of these combinations. its a RPG sure. but its also a MMO So the gameplay has to be balancable which hinders going Wild with it.

That only makes Epidemic follow class fantasy not VP.
What ever, I’m not here to tell you how to think.

but by defintion Epidemic is Erupting our Virulent plague? it litterally states

it features The damage as the point of Epidemics Damage thematically ur ignoring the thematical Synergy of this combination.

Let’s break this one down then, shall we?

I sure hope English isn’t your native language because I have bad news about your reading comprehension.

Now let’s have a look at how you contradict yourself in the span of two sentences:

Initially you stated that Virulent Plague acts as a carrier for Epidemic and enables the class to do AoE. You also ignored the fact that the spell causes an explosion on death, but let’s ignore that as the damage isn’t really relevant. Then one paragraph later you state that Virulent Plague does nothing other than DoT damage, which is factually wrong based on your own statement above as it acts as an enabler for Epidemic to function (and causes AoE damage on death).

You are literally making stuff up just so you have something to complain about. It’s honestly kind of impressive how desperately you are trying to strawman some sort of point that I’m not sure you even have other than “I hate change”.

Virulent Plague was not nerfed for the sake of nerfing DK’s aoe or any philosophical changes. It was changed because the spell was causing very excessive server strain.

Not entirely sure if that’s true or not but i’ve seen a lot of people making them claim over on the US forums, including a reddit post from a supposed dev who claimed that a single application of the spell in an AoE situation caused about as much strain (on average) on the server as a 15 man battleground did in the same time span.
This was mostly due to the rapid fire aoe reaplication along with the pulsing aoe component. This would cause the server to have to run hundereds of updates every second to check for buffs/debuffs and to recalculate the damage. Once per application/reapplication and per tick and to roll for the pulsing aoe and to check for the normal ticking damage and once again for the aoe component. This is per mob, several times a second.

Compare that to a similar spell in Frost Fewer. Which checks for updates once on application and then again each time it ticks. Which is like 8 times over 24 seconds or something like that.

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Sounds like blizz need to buy new servers! :sweat_smile:

Seriously, I was unaware of this though. I do miss the spreading component. On the upside, not having the spread component, I feel that it makes you think a little bit better of you spend your runes, especially on openers with unholy blight talented.

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