Will Blizzard ever solve this?

is there any chance that Blizzard will solve fraction realms? I would like to world pvp while doing dailies or just for fun like I did on Classic or tBC or the best fun when you grab a group of friends and go raid a city.
What happened to these awesome things what was making MMO MMO? WotLK Classic nowadays looks more like retail than classic…
Do people really only raid-logging or tryharding 2s arenas?

Can they for example merge Firemaw with Gehennas?

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Most players don’t want you to wPvP them when they do their dailies or just for fun though. Thats why we have mono-faction realms and why your request will remain unanswered.
You are a minority, and the majority views your fun as detracting fron their fun.


It is unlikely that they will do anything with it, but it would be nice.
Don’t bother with this PVE monkey, he comments this nonsense under every similar topic. According to him, it is normal if there is not a single avilable PVP realm because some idiots like him, who would rather be in the PVE realm, started it here.
I think the current situation is unacceptable, but don’t expect a solution because blizzard is incompetent.

World PVP died in Phase 2 of Vanilla classic, the very week they introduced battlegrounds (which they did early because world pvp was making the game unplayable for players who actually matter - not the griefers who enjoy it).

So no.


That’s an interesting take. PVE-only players buy a ton of gold for real money, which lets Blizzard extort bot owners (in Classic) and sell more tokens (in Wrath) for more income. That would definitely mean that pve (or rather p2w?) players matter more. Good one.

Probably it is the case.
But if you think about it, it’s a pretty disgusting/sad state… Alongside the current BOT/BOOST community how does WOTLK classic differ from a private server 5-10 years ago? The “original wow” quality is no longer there, BOTs everywhere, TOKEN/gold trade, BOOST community these are all things that should be banned, not allowed.
But retail is no different, in fact it is even worse, just look at the Travelers Log, first 2-3 months was really ‘’ free2play friendly’'(f2play in a monthly paid game xD), but now more and more expensive things are added that you cannot buy from the F2play tender, and now of course you can buy an extra tender for money.
They want to get more money out of the game than ever, but in return they can’t even maintain the standard… Anyone can come here to play the smart****/protect blizzard, but what they are doing is simply disgusting and unacceptable.
I wouldn’t have a problem with these things if they simply cleaned out the harmful elements from the game.

The answer to this question is Yes. People only raid-log and complain all day about the game in the forums and reddit. The 10 people left doing arenas tryhard arena every day.

Roll the minority faction on a PVP sever, you’ll get all the WPVP you could ask for.

It has happened before and it’s happening now. There’s a reason why retail has warmode and why the classic playerbase has overwhelmingly chosen mono faction servers: people don’t want world PVP


Stop asking for realms to be merged.

You should be asking for cross realm war mode.

They will never outright merge realms.

Just look at era, they didn’t merge realms. Merging the databases is just too much work. That’s why there are cross realm clusters instead of merged servers.

Actually these mono faction servers were not created because of world pvp, but precisely because of the pve. On mega realm, people find GDKP more easily, i.e. boost… it’s that simple. There are more bots and more gold on the mega realm and the pay2win boost community spins better.
There are definitely people who don’t like world PVP, but behold a miracle: the PVE servers is there for them.
It worked like this for years, no one forced anyone to play on a PVP server…but currently everyone is forced to play on PVE servers.

Of course, there is the option you said, but do you think that its a fair option if you want world pvpt, then you can’t achieve anything else? AH, DUNGEON, RAID, nothing.

You shouldn’t philosophize and play smart, but it should be understood that the normal thing would be for blizzard to provide at least one pvp server in the EU English region as well. I wouldn’t care about the rest if I had somewhere to go. And before you explain that people don’t want PVP, yes they do, US Grobbulus realm is a good example, it was able to stay at 50/50% not because people there handled migration so much smarter, but because blizzard paid attention to similar topics written on the US forums. The EU forums, on the other hand, does not really concern them.

Not at all true, as I explained above. Have your pick, there are many PVP servers to choose from.

Even on the purported mono faction servers you will find multiple raid teams on the minority faction. Recently on Gehennas - a Horde “mono faction” server - there were over 200 alliance raiders one week. That’s 10 25 man raids you could join.

There are already 9 PVP servers with tens of thousands of players. You can have world PVP, you can have it right now, all you have to do is play in a way where the circumstances favor that.


Listen, I don’t argue with fools,
If you think it’s a viable option to play in an almost completely dead faction, then you must be stupid. Interestingly, when I asked around in almost every realms in the past few days, among the LVL 80 members of the dead factions, no one said anything encouraging.
They are all idiots right? because only your opinion can be true.

Just a friendly reminder that balanced pvp realms dont exist anymore because of degenerate horde players camping every single flightpath 24/7 on every single pvp realm in classic in order to rank.

If blizzard wouldve skipped vanilla (or changed the ranking system) and went right into tbc, pvp realms would be 40/60 at worst.


Oddly enough, over on Bloodfang it was the Alliance doing this crap. One guild in particular (Turtles) even went as far as camping every songflower in Felwood.

But you complained about the lack of world PVP, and there’s plenty of world PVP to be had on those servers. If you want PVE there is as you say many other options. If I want a hamburger, I’ll go to the burger place. If I want a pizza, I’ll go to the pizza place. Simple as.

Regardless of faction, it is quite obvious that the PVP enjoyers are the main reason there are no balanced PVP servers left. The whole world PVP being a fun thing was definitely a case of rose-tinted goggles. What we got in classic was fun at the expense of others, which created the situation we have today.


Not a true though. Me and my friend were having fun in world for whole Vanilla tBC and even a start of WotLK when we were playing on Golemagg and Mograine after.

Add cross-realm raiding so I can raid with my guild from Firemaw and gank horde players on Golemagg and I am transfering in blink of your eye.

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it would be nice, but i dont think they gonna add cross-realm raiding.
But there are some easier quality of life thing they could make like base common AH, whiteout high taxes, Dungeon finder comming, so with cross realm we can find dungeons… but if it were possible to send stuff in mail between alli-horda characters within an account, that would also help a lot.

They won’t do it unfortunately.

Come back to classic era there is world PvP

but everyone said nobody wanted world pvp and that it was impossible to have in modern era wow?

Cross realm open world?

Yes X realm open world and it is an absolute bloodbath

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