Will Blizzard ever solve this?

Nothing is impossible, but they don’t want to deal with it. It suits many PVE fashion players, they are very happy, they got a lot of changes witch makes gearing easyer, it started with the lot of bonus emblems as quest rewards, then this HC+ free raid loot etc…
And in addition to these, they can also enjoy the joy of being able to destroy the concept of a PVP server, how much of a sense of success do you think this is for them?

I would gladly express my opinion about these people, but there is a penalty for it, unlike for using BOT programs… They can eat my C.

Then just go play in a pve realm?

But all the good PvE players are on the PvP realms! And if I ever go Classic again, I will go PvE, cba waiting for p2 disaster for the monorealms to sort themselves out. And I may become the minority faction and be forced to pay for transfer.
Also to be fair, every time I see a griefer complain about monofaction realms on the forum, it gives me a distinct sense of schadenfreude :wink:


The questions remains: where would you even find your precious world PVP? People fly everywhere they go. Other than camping summoning stones, the likely response to which would be just fly there, your only potential victims would be low level characters out questing. You hardly need any raid gear for the latter, so again I don’t see the problem in just rolling the minority faction on any large pvp server.

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You ever tried playing low pop?

Its awful, thats why we have mega realms, nobody likes low pop.

And for the record, there are NO english low pop minority faction realms in EU, there are strictly 100% realms now.
There is only 1k pop alliance french/spanish

they gotta get off their mount at some point mate.

I don’t think you’ve ever seen life in STV or Hellfire or Tanaris if you dont understand what am i talking about. No, camping low lvls is a lame thing, and ofc there are idiots who can do it only, but that is the thing witch generated conflict, others could hunt for the campers, in the mentioned zones it was not uncommon for wars to develop between campers and those who trying to hunt them down.
Sure its no reward in it, but you think it is all about the reward? Its a f***in MMO, only reward oriented mindset generated this stupid boost community…

If all the good pve players on pvp realms, why are they there if they supposedly only want to do pve? Or are you suggesting that all players on pve realms are just bad?

Because said PVP realms are monofaction.

No, they really don’t. As I said, apart from people questing, the only reliable source of world pvp I can think of is camping summoning stones. And even then disinterested players can just fly straight into the dungeon most of the time.

Oh I have plenty of memories of higher level players oneshotting me or someone delivering the killing blow while I was fighting mobs in those zones. Don’t get me wrong, I had some really good times doing world pvp in classic vanilla, but the vast majority is just lame as hell, and I certainly don’t see it as a bad thing that the phenomenon is dead. Go do a BG, arena or a duel instead with people that want to pvp.


You don’t need to get off to go into raids, so unless you want to be exclusively camping daily quest spots or levelers, you’re out of luck.

Surely anyone still in there on wotlk. Oh wait.

Thats world pvp :man_shrugging:

I’m happy to see that the gankers don’t have a platform to abuse & Harass other people.


yeah its called a PvE server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just a reminder that so-called “world pvp” is when you (human paladin, probably) with pvp gear and talents attacking someone with pve gear and talents from behind. It is unfair and not fun, so predictably majority of players not interested in that nonsense and concentrated on monofraction servers.


How does that make sense?

It does make for some fun moments, though. I still remember that time I beat a rogue to death with my fishing pole after being ambushed while fishing in Tanaris.

Yeah, sometimes you get to dab on overconfident losers, but lets be honest, the vast majority of times, it’s people opportunistically seeking out fights they can’t lose.


Once I was on Yojamba Isle, probably picking up potions. A lvl 40 something warrior began attacking me. Thinking he was no threat and as I couldn’t be arsed I just blinded him and went on my way. Well he didn’t give up, he kept on chasing me and soon enough I realized I was actually in trouble. And mind you, I had at least AQ gear at the time, might even have been in Naxx. Long story short, he actually did kill me. Now I’m by no means any kind of PVP god, but it’s fair to say that he completely owned me. I’ll never forget it.

The point of the story is I can respect getting legitimately dabbed on, as was the case then. But that was the exception and I struggle to recall anyone else picking a fair fight, much less a fight where they had a disadvantage. Actually did a dungeon with that warrior recently, told him the story and he just lol’d. Anyway, fond memory despite me eating a big piece of humble pie.

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The problem with one sided servers is that the game feels dead. Doesn’t matter if you are 50 Horde players in Hellfire Peninsula, if there only is 1 Alliance player showing up a couple of times a week. Thats not how the game was intended, whether you look at it in terms of PVP or not.

Its WOTLK, dual talent avilable, if you playing on a PVP server then get some PVP gear and SKILL. It used to be normal for years, but now when someone talking about the concept of a normal PVP realm only PVE players crying because of old grievances.
Did someone camped you? Try to improve yourself get some gear and be stronger.