Will Calia join the Horde?

Which just shows what everybody on this forum already knows :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

You’re just a pathethic little troll in the truest sense of the word who has minimal lore knowledge and is just here for comedic affect because lets be honest do you think even 1 of your posts is taken seriously…like you’re a living breathing trope at this point :man_shrugging:

You have serious issues mate.
You should have that rage issues checked

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Without a doubt, to replace Sylvanas. It will also be told poorly and no real justification will be given for her warring on the living lordaeron exiles living in Stormwind because the forsaken are Her People.

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So you think this is not rage issues? :thinking:

Have you guys ever heard the word “council”? Forsaken could be lead by a council, not have an absolutist leader because we already saw what that leads too.

Calia has shown she doesn’t care about power and had gave up on her claims a long time ago, she’s just an advisor to the Forsaken.

She says so, yet she also allows herself to be called the Princess of Lordaeron, or the rightful Queen of Lordaeron, by Anduin.

She also decided it was a good time to try and have Forsaken defect to the Alliance so she can lead them apparently, since Anduin didn’t intent for them to defect.

Also, if even the most democratic people of Azeroth (gnomes) move from elected leadership to bieng ruled by a King, you know thats the best form of government in the world (of Warcraft).

Take that tinfoil hat off sir.

Another Alliance fanatic in the forum. Dark times are ahead. It is a shame that people like you are allowed to roam free.

Shadowlands chronologically goes after Before the Storm, and she refers to her self as “just Calia”.

It was an initiative of Parqual Fintallas, not her. It’s possible to speculate is she was deceived by vague “prophecies” of Saa’ra, or something else, but IMO the scene was more about a showcase (yet another one) that not all forsaken care all that much about being among the forsaken.

gl hf

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