Will Classic be easy or hard?

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It’s impossible, it’s that simple, it will take almost all of that time getting to 60, let alone get the rep and the gear for it.

If someone is streaming it I might just watch it to watch the huge fail. I don’t usually watch streams.

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You may be right, but I can’t feel like ruling it out 100%. I mean it’s world of warcraft we are talking about. People do crazy sh!t for this game lolol

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I’ve been reading some articles on classic and if it’s the same as 2004/5 then playing 40 hours a week will take over a month unless you can speed level, on something like a hunter.

The consensus seems to be 10 days /played.


Sure. If a guild plans to do that like first world kill in 1 week and coordinate to do all that stuff 24/7 to achieve it. Even then it would be difficult. That would be a spectacle. But they would probably be with no other lives. Ahahahaha.


In one week you would need a reasonable balanced group to all be close to the world record in leveling. If they All do the world record time, they will have 55 hours in the week for eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, etc even if they only sleep 4 hours a day on average, that only leaves 28 hours for eating and bathroom breaks, and getting hydraxian waterlord rep for dousing.

They won’t have time to do their professions, or gearing so they won’t have mana and healing potions, as well as greater resistance potions, let alone world buffs or flasks. The’ll have mostly green and random blue drops, maybe 1 or 2 epics. This means that dps will be significantly lower, and the dps will have significantly less hp, making things firelords and aoe effects a lot more deadly. Casters will run out of mana fast, Tanks will be dealing a lot less threat, and not be crit or crush immune, and vastly lower hp. Making it a lot more deadly and mana consuming for healers, which don’t have the mana regeneration healing power or the potions to keep it up. maybe they didn’t even find the group buff books for certain classes yet, so they need to manually buff them, and ontop of that, they are all expecting faulty private server values and mechanics.

  1. Lucifron: but only if line of sight for the curse works in classic
  2. Magmadar: will be in frenzy mode half of the time because there will be a maximum of 1 hunter with tranquility shot, and due to lower dps, the fight is going to drag on for so long healers are going to have a serious mana issue
  3. Gehenass: Rain of fire for 900 damage per tick, shadowbolts for 2.5k damage per tick are going to cause casualties when people wear greens. -75% healing is devastating.
  4. Garr: Lots of exploding minions, and a boss that eats away buffs so everything gets even harder. Did we mention greens?
  5. Shazzrah, Curses that make you take more damage, silences, teleports and aoe effects. This boss is going to be significantly harder then on private servers
  6. Barron geddon, living bombs that might one shot people, aoe effects that will kill a melee, mana burn effects and everything is fire so the tank takes a lot of extra damage due to not haveing fire resist gear
  7. Sulforon Harbinger, priest that dot players for 1k per tick, mindflays that deal significant damage, and heals that need to be interrupted. This is a control fight, where interruption and healing are the wipe factors. The healers will run dry of mana. Period.
  8. Golemagg, High damage random stuns, aoe effects, infinatly stacking debuff that deals damage and tanks and healers need to be split.
  9. Majordomo. crowdcontrol, good tanks better healers, Green gear? Hell no.
  10. Ragnaros: Not enough dps to avoid sons, not enough mana and gear to survive sons. That is if for some reason you actually managed to douse everything.


it would be very easy for them to do it if they have their 40 man team ready and do it true old school 8 warriors 4 dwarf priests 2 palas, 2 druids 22 frost mages thats the only way they are doing it week one and they have to be very very dedicated


As many have said, don’t mistake ‘hard’ for ‘time consuming’. Content is mechanically easy, once you’ve spent enough time to gear for it.


lol, you can clearly tell the people who have played Classic, and who hasn’t!

I think a lot of you Retail only players are in for a shock.


One of the most brutal parts of new zones are the underground areas, like the mines in elwynn, where 1 dodgy pull will have you corpse running constantly. This will be a non issue while there are 1000’s of people going through at once, then its traded off with competing for kills. Mobs you need to kill for quests that stand in packs of 3+ that all pull together.

I have no retail classic experience, being a tbc kid but from playing nost, mc was cleared in our first night raiding in blue dungeon gear. Alot of people say that p servers are very inaccurate tho so I’m looking forward to finding out myself.


going to be funny.

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The top guilds will seek min maxing for the fastest and most effective clear.

Most casual guilds will take whatever specs they can get, because an enh shaman or a ret pala is much better than an empty raid spot. Filling a roster of 40 for most guilds wont be an easy task.


The truth with the raid scene at least MC was getting 40 players together to clear it an organasied guild can have it cleared in no time a min maxing guild will cheese it they will heavy stack frost mages and one lock for curse of elements as 90% of the bosses and the trash is weak to frost damage so it wont be a gear issue. Certain classes in classic rolled out hitting like a truck and ended hitting like a freight train as their high end damage was baked into the abilities and gear just added more. Rogues and Mages where the prime example of this and mages more than rogues at that.

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What you say is totally true.

But if you expand the scope beyond the 40 raiders that will actually do the dungeon run, and add more guild members dedicated to level the professions whilst the actual raiders focus on levelling, you could in theory split tasks so that while the raiders focus on levelling the “support group” will focus on crafting the gear the consumables and enchants … then… perhaps…

But as I said it would be a tremendous feat, and I see maybe less than 1% chance for it to actually happen.


Week 1 is unreachable in my opinion, week 2 can be done by said dedicated group, but it will still be a lot harder then they expect

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Everything is easy if you are geared for. Stating the obvious much?

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Not only retail players, but private server players as well.

A very organized, hardcore guild, that will help their tanks and healers leveling as fast as possible, will probably have 35+ players at lvl 60 in 5 days. If they aren’t on a PvP realm and if the launch goes without much crashes , lag, queues, etc.

It is possible, in perfect conditions. However, there won’t be perfect conditions. Servers WILL crash at launch. There will be massive queues. Not everyone in that guild will be able to login in first second, and they will end up in 2 hrs+ queues, especially because the guilds aiming for Rag week 1 kill are on the biggest realms.

I see, realistically, a guild having their MC raid at lvl 60 in day 6. And they will have 24 hours left to clear MC. Quintessences won’t be an issue for an organized guild.

However, nobody will clear MC in week 1 for a very simple reason : their gear won’t be enough for MC. Tanks will have sh.it HP, armor, threat and will get critted and crushed, and will die like flies on giants and dogs. 14% parry-haste on a FRENZIED Mag vs a half-as.s geared tank? Good effin luck lol.

The raid DPS will be the equivalent of a dead fish, virtually nobody will be hit capped.
There won’t be flasks available. They might or might not be able to have Rallying Cry. if they want Rallying Cry for sure, they HAVE TO KILL ONYXIA FIRST. They will kill her, but they will lose precious time in doing it.

Magmadar will shred them to pieces, with 1 Tranquil shot. Their tanks won’t survive Frenzy, because with the gear available for DPS, Magmadar fight will be TOO LONG for their healer’s mana. They WILL WIPE at least once at Magmadar, and there goes their Rallying Cry buff for the day.

Assuming they kill Mag, their next hurdle will be Garr…I don’t know, 1 MT and 4 OTs with crap gear on Garr? Healed by crap geared healers? Without Rallying Cry ? My bet is that Garr will stop every dreamer of “1 week MC”.

This is where I think that the live streams of those people, be it Method, APES, Limit, Progress, whatever top guild, will stop : at Garr.

Week 2, yes, some guild / guilds will clear MC. But week 1 is impossible.


Do take into account that the world record for reaching lvl 60 is 3-4 days /PLAYED Getting 40 players to lvl 60 in just 1 RL week would require a lot of dedicated people that devote their whole life that week, just to get them to max lvl. Then you can’t do Ragnaros with lvling gear and no resistance. Week 2 might be possible for the hardcore no lifers, but Wow really needs to be you not only full time job, but working double shifts if you plan on killing Raggy in week 2.

A casual player will use 3-6 months reaching lvl 60. I don’t see the rush really.


Cant wait to see trade with ‘Where’s the LFR function’

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Hogger is going to be killing a lot of characters in week one, I would imagine.

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