Will I be able to craft a legendary for each spec before raid is out?


I play Tank in dungeons and DPS in raid, therefore I wanna craft a legendary for my tank spec early on, and another one for my DPS spec in raid

my question is will I be be able to craft a legendary for each of my specs before raid ? or will I be forced into playing one spec

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Depends on what ilevel you want, and how long after launch the raid will start. You will be able to craft one R1 legendary a week, so if the raid comes at least two weeks after launch, then you’ll be able to have two R1 legendaries. If you want two R4 ones… that’d be 8 weeks, and the raid will probably come sooner than that.

that sounds awful not gonna lie

so trying to build highest rank legendary for each spec isn’t ideal, and there is like 6-7 ? legendary for each spec, it seems like we are kinda of forced to keep all our legendary resources to maintain 1 spec if we want to be competitive

otherwise trying to be competitive with 2 specs is no longer possible ? not really a fan of that

My personal opinion over LEGO ranks is just artificially extended content for Torghast. Really bad design nothing else to add. I would personally craft BIS lego for your SPEC u gonna need more R1 and then save up for R4. Also depends if legos are gonna able to be UPGRADED or not. If not all i can say is Blizzard should just stop making system over system and artificially GATE content cause they know content they make isnt good enough by it self so have to add special POWERS to it to make it interesting (LEGENDARY) .

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i feel like they slowly started making content Anti-alts since legion, and now they want us to stick to 1 spec

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Why would you want to craft all legendaries for a spec to begin with? Choose the one that fits your primary goal, craft it at max level. Then, by the time you have gear for your off-spec, you can craft an R4 for that too. Or just go with an R1 meanwhile, if the effect is that good.

The system does encourage having a primary spec, yes. But that’s it, a primary. You can still have other specs, and be competitive with them, it will just take a little more time to craft the legendaries for those. Probably less time than gearing said spec, so no real disadvantage.

The system is much more alt friendly than anything we had before, dating back to Vanilla.

Can we still loot Recipes though for off specs? Or we can only loot on each rund the current running spec?