Will people from horde stay on horde side on woltk?

cos… you know… “my friends , my guild , my effort, my money and ofc horde lore”


Yes. /End of topic.


It depends.

If they implement faction and race change, like they should because it’s a WOTLK Feature, I’ll probably think about swapping Alliance. But for now, I don’t think about that.

If they don’t implement faction and race change, and I have to reroll a new character from scratch, or use a boost to create a fresh character, I’ll probably not.

Yes gonna stay horde. Will be gimped with racials but atleast i still look cool and do not throw up everytime my character uses abilities.


Finally we can Say : i have no reason to play Horde , no wargame and no hvh, Alliance are OP

Let me expand my previous post.
There are 2 types of Horde players.

Old loyalists

  • Played for Horde over 3+ expansions
  • are not going to reroll ever
  • Have large circles of friends
  • Some of their none druid characters are even Tauren.

Meta slaves

  • Picked Forsaken for PvP, Orc for PvP/PvE or Troll caster for PvE, because guide they red stated so.
  • Joined Horde for numerical advantage in wPvP, protection at farming spots, because there are more PvP oriented players and easier to find arena team.
  • Cares only for end result. Changes guild, statics and Arena teams like gloves.
  • Has few friends and most of his friend list contacts barely know him.
  • In many cases came from Alliance either from being inactive on retail or after Classic and bought a boost to the Horde.
  • Will change faction if devs will make bonuses lucrative for minmaxer that cares only for personal gain, like equal racials and bonus honor/gold for wins e.t.c.

This thread has some real potential to become very entertaining.

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I’d rather never play WoW again than play Alliance.

To be clear I don’t hate the faction any more of course (since I rerolled PvE in WotLK), but I also can’t bring myself to play Ally, even though their community on HW is decent. Horde is my home in WoW, always has been.


Gonna remain horde unless everyone i know decide to reroll. Which is very unlikely.

I Will never reroll ally , i like to play Horde.

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Yes. Alliance is just to toxic bro. :unamused:

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Yes, horde for life! Btw…will you be rolling nelf again? Or a shiny new human lol. . .

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Yeah these replies don’t mean much let’s see what happens when the game actually releases and if they stay true to their word or decide to roll an “alt” which will no doubt be human.

Funny…coming from a Forsaken, mage alt. Talk about meta lol.

I’m glad the irony isn’t lost on you. But this is just a forum alt now I gave Horde a try but it was like playing the game on easy so stuck to Alliance for more of a challenge.

Wow…hard-core! So you will be rolling horde in wotlk?

I can assure you that I will. And if I don’t, I give you my blessing to necro this thread and tell me “I told you so” :grinning:

Alliance for ever

Yes, played horde back in the days from vanilla till the beginning of mop when I did quit playing because didn’t have time for that.

Been playing horde in SL, classic, now classic tbc and I don’t see any reason to change that even though bg ques are horrible but yeah friends guild etc. will keep me on playing horde. Rather unsub and wait bg changes than reroll and leave irl friends

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Metaslaves can go straight to the maw.