Will RDF come with ICC as it originally did?

Will RDF come with ICC as it originally did?


So far it seems more likely that if/when Cataclysm Classic get released, it will not include RDF.
I wouldn’t place my bet on RDF in ICC phase.

Too bad, it’d help a ton for my alts (if… I ever come back to level them up.)

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I love how you still belive that any player have any say in this…

Better to just report his posts as spam at this point.

At this point the only info we have is no

Can only pray now

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Blizzard won’t leave such opportunity of hype to go in waste. Classic andies won’t have arguments of not bringing it in anymore, but would be satisfied that at least Classic part of Wrath Classic was RDF free, and the rest can relax and start wasting 50 minutes in queue as a dps.

Well, if a sizable number of players ask for it… they do seem to give in. There would be definitely more runs than a single daily…

Assuming it’s not Gundrak or Draktharon, of course. I never see them done as hc+.

It’d be actually less with the tool added. I guess it’s the pain of having to manually form groups and sort people even for dungeons is what makes it long. Not to mention people have a hard time gaining dungeon experience when leveling up. And a RFC heavily differs from your average hc+.

Meaning most would-be tanks prolly don’t even try.

No. With current info given by Blizzard a year ago, there will be no RDF in Wrath at all. And with the introduction of hc+ it seems they intend to stick with it. I mean can you imagine every group arguing at the start of a hc dungeon whether to click the device for hc+ or not. The low geared hc goers trying to votekick the clickers, the clickers trying to votekick the undergeared alts.
Then a tank and dps goes ahead and starts to pull without activating hc+. Healer doesn’t follow. The profanity in chat, people report one another… If they added RDF and left hc+ how it is now, it would be a disaster of epic proportions.

HC+ actually makes even better argument for RDF, since you would have it same like on retail, RDF for quick farm and manual group forming M+ for getting gear …

You would satisfy both sides, people who actually want to play the game and “muh souhzal” muppets …

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But you activate hc+ in a normal hc dungeon. Do you expect Blizzard to rework the whole thing so that there are separate instances and queues?
Yes separate queues for hc and hc+ would be great, but I can’t imagine Blizzard actually implementing it. Every “change” they touch seems to turn to ash.

Well the issue is blizz being garbage company thats for sure … but it shouldnt be that difficult, normal difficulty doesnt have the rune, so they could just add 3rd difficulty that activates only through rdf or something …

If they cared, they could just make it so ppl with Luck of the Draw buff can’t click orb. But ofc it’s a bunch of unhinged monkeys we’re talking about, not actual devs.

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You’ll be lucky ICC even hits in a playable state, nevermind getting additional features on top of that

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I already imagine people asking for full Ulduar HM gear or ToC25 gear for a simple icc10 normal :sweat_smile:

Or dungeons having mobs with 150% extra dmg, 300% extra HP on top of the current affixes.

Wait until he finds out it was in the original creators of classics interviews and written references, talking about how specifically stuff like RDF ruined a part of the game and thats why they made Classic.

He wont understand it cause thats just how he is, but it is there in writing, that this game was made not as a “relive every expansion” but a view of a version of the game they wanted back.

For him to find out that he would need to be able to actually read.

I got a survey last month and I’m sure it had a question on RDF. Personally I want it in Wrath.

Personally I think the code for it is in Wrath.


Considering we’re talking about the same devs who aldo added hc+, there’s not much credit to give to what they say