Will TBC Classic be milked/farmed within a few weeks?

Or will we die in heroic dungeons and/or raids?

I’m curious :slight_smile:

Well, people who never cleared it before will have more trouble with it than with Vanilla.

People who have the experience, however, will clear it just fine. Just as with every legacy version of WoW they could ever make.

/10 chars/

It just needs a bit more awarness than vanilla, if anything it will be faster considering that resistence gear loses a lot of value (which means preparation takes less) and tier sets are actually useful for all classes of all specs.

Of course it’ll be farmed within a few weeks…
Though, I’d love to play on them… especially since I loved BC and still love the zones in retail :slight_smile:
So I’d still play it anyway.

Well in terms of speed yes, you’ll end up spending a bit less time raiding per week (though the fact alt raiding becomes easier and more profitable means you can still end up raiding a lot). But wipes will be a bit more common, especially in pugs.

I’m guessing whatever happened with current classic.

Pre nerf : Watch alot of people die in heroics
Nerfed : Watch everything die, with at most a death here and there.

Now, we all know blizzard is going to aim for the easy route just like they did with classic, and they won’t hotfix fast enough to stop exploiters and botters ( classic all over again )

Will it be fun ? probably
Will it be easy… yes.

All because i’m 100 % sure it will be 2.4 instead of giving us the harder experience