Will the Tauren aid Baine?


The Tauren and their highmountain allies make up a decent chunk of the hordes forces including command level staff as seen in invasions yet Baine is always seen acting as an individual, as a leader he should beable to cripple the hordes wareffort by withdrawing his forces this would have been the first threat a feudal lord would make in time of war if they dissagreed with their rulers leadership, even if he only controlls say a fifth of the hordes troops Sylvannas would not risk losing his support over an issue like raising Proudmoor. Also when Bain was imprisoned the Tauren and highmountain still fought with the horde rarther than pulling back or even marching on Orgrimar. It just seems like even Bain did not trust his own people to back his decisions to this end could we see him not defending Thunderbluff but having to fight a civil war against loyalist elements of his own people.


They will cause Theyre pushing baine as best of horde and all that nonsense. And sylvannas bad,baine and Alliance good.
Not all tauren are like baine spineless cowards that care more about enemy then own people but cause theyre pushing baine they will be ingored, changed to be like baine or killed of. till only baine yes cows exist


I don’t think you will find a single Tauren in the Horde(In lore) who would not aid Baine.
Every Tauren made made conscious decision to follow him. The Tauren of Mulgore are a collective of tribes who joined together for mutual protection and beliefs.
The Tauren fight because they are part of the Horde, if they were not they would not fight.
They are a peaceful people(Not counting the Grim Totem under Magetha and the Blood Totem under whats-his-face who we stomped into the ground).
They do not seek out conflict.

Why are they still members after Baines imprisonment? My guess is that if they left, Sylvanas would probably attack Mulgore to make sure the Alliance didn’t take advantage and try to recruit them.
Varian even said that the Tauren was the ONLY race within the Horde that he didn’t want to raise his sword against upon seeing.
And Anduin views Baine as a friend, even though they are enemies because of the War.

The Tauren are stuck in the Horde currently, because they would be surrounded on all sides if they left.
But, with the recent actions, it is likely that Thunder Bluff will burn anyway.

So I guess you could say they were damned either way, but staying in the Horde and following Sylvanas made them last longer if they had not.


Immensly likely. Lor’themar stated his belief that killing Baine would drive the tauren and several others out of the Horde. This is supported by the fact that Mayla considered leaving the Horde after his arrest.

It makes sense. Baine was the one who freed his people from Magatha’s tyranny, when no other Horde leader raised a hand in their defense. When the Alliance struck down Camp Turajo, most tauren did not seek revenge, and he did like a good leader and listened to his people, opting for a defensive strategy, rather than retaliation, keeping them safe from the Alliance with his wall. When Garrosh finally decided to do something about the Alliance in the Barrens, Baine joined him, helping defeat the remaining Alliance in the Barrens, ensuring the safety of his people. When Garrosh became corrupt, they sided with him to out the evil warchief. He has otherwise always respected and examplified the cultural values of the tauren, and most recently, after his release from prison, was welcomed back by his people as High Chieftain and helped rid their lands of dark spirits, which earned him great respect from his father, the man who reclaimed Mulgore, for all to see. In fact, had it not been for Baine, the tauren would have left the Horde after Magatha’s takeover.

So yes, most tauren have every reason to love Baine, and I see no reason why they would side with Sylvanas, a person who opposes all their cultural values and has done nothing for them.


Maybe cause its in middle of a war???
ANd many in Alliance would gladly go kill them or any horde. They dont liek sylvannas deal with it after the war not in middle of it.

(Zarao) #6

On a meta level, given Taurens portrayal has been consistently written as a Hivemind and extension of Baines will, that seems unlikely.

Would it be sensible to have dissent? Yes.
Would any Tauren be willing to retaliate against Thunderbluff? No. It’s their home.

They might be logically against Baines decisions and might support the eventuality of him being trialed for it.
But going as far as to attack their homeland, is simply something that’s not going to happen.

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Could still not attack it or stay on kultiras/zandalar. Or attack against baine? he did banish his people for wanting legtimate revenge in past.

And them all being written as hivemind of baine is Just stupid/bad aswell


A war that the tauren did not ask for and have nothing to gain from winning. A war that has not reached their homeland, meaning they have little to fear.

If only the tauren had a member who has friends amongst the higher-ups in the Alliance who could use his influence to ward off the Alliance. I mean, last time the Alliance invested effort in aiding Baine defend Mulgore, it went great.

(Zarao) #9

Yeah. The invasion of the Barrens, the siege of the Great Wall,…it went really, really good for Tauren people.
Those are some solid advantages for being pals with Theramore and Stormwind :+1:


Well yes, it did go well actually, as the Alliance was pushed out of the Barrens, managing to only destroy a single tauren camp, with civilians escaping, thanks in large parts to Baine. But that was not the event I was talking about. Maybe you misread, I know you like to paint things with your imagination. As written in that post, I talked about the Alliance defending Mulgore, you know, when Jaina helped Baine defeat Magatha, who did far more damage to the tauren than the Alliance ever did, commiting genocide against tribes. Those are some solid advantages for being pals with Theramore and Stormwind.

How does it feel, knowing these massive armies will go together to dethrone the false warchief Sylvanas, unmaking any chance the Horde has to win the war?

(Zarao) #11

Basically because the Horde pushed them back.

Them failing to accomplish their goals doesn’t negate the fact they died trying.
It’s not as if they decided to not attack or give up. They simply were bested.

So yeah, being friends with Theramore and Stormwind amounts for little if they feel fine with attacking you whenever they feel like it.
True friends right there. It paid of marvellously last time.

Indifferent. Would’ve probably been more impressed if they managed to do so on their own, and without needing the aid of most of the Horde to triumph.

Win the war? You think either faction is now thinking about “winning”?
The Alliance gave up the willingness to fight, and is currently suing for peace while asking the Horde for help against the ones willing to continue fighting.

Rest assured, the Alliance isn’t going to win the war. They decided to stop fighting as much as the Horde segment they are currently bonding with.


But, sidetracking aside, point remains: Baine being friends with Stormwind or Theramore counts for nothing. It didn’t stop either from invading or punishing Tauren lands as some punitive measure for stuff those Tauren had no say in.


It was almost like their larger factions were at war. Like, you do realize that without that friendship, Mulgore would currently be under the opressive hoofs of a genocidal maniac? I know from your Sylvanas posts that you are kind of into that, but this time it was directed at the Horrde. I mean, the Alliance attack on the Mulgore gates was tiny. Tiny. The barely made a scratch in that wall. They did not send a massive army to take down Mulgore, just a token force that was easily broken.

Whatever you need to tell yourself.

I mean, sure, if you completely ignore the fact that the Alliance, not the Horde, saved Mulgore from Magatha. But why would you confront uncomfortable facts when you can just ignore them to maintain your agenda?


If Blizzard did give some attention to the Tauren, we would’ve known. But they don’t, so we can only speculate.

I think that the vast majority of Tauren agree with Baine’s intentions regarding Sylvanas and the Horde in general. The Horde hasn’t been helpful to the Tauren since Thrall basically saved them. Remember that Garrosh didn’t help the Tauren after Magatha took over, and remember that the Forsaken outright supported the Grimtotem during the coup.

The Forsaken are pretty much the opposite of what the Tauren are, and if Blizzard would be competent writers, the Tauren would’ve left the Horde as soon as Sylvanas became Warchief. There was no reason for them to stay in the Horde after Vol’jin died. They didn’t need the protection, and they couldn’t find the kinship with the other races as they could in the past. But now, there is absolutely no reason for them to support Sylvanas, as she throwing around Blight and imprisoned the leader of the Tauren.

The Tauren who are more warlike (they exist) might support Sylvanas out of loyalty, but I’m fairly sure you’ll only find a handful of them. And I think they’re loyal to the Tauren and Thunder Bluff in the first place, and will defend it if Sylvanas were to attack Thunder Bluff.

So yes, I think Baine would get support from the Tauren but mostly because they would agree with his reasoning that Sylvanas is a danger to the Horde and Azeroth in general, hence why she needs to be stopped, and because they have nothing left in the Horde anymore by now.


I’m not sure she would attack thunder bluff. If she wanted Baine dead he’d be dead, it’s not like she didn’t have the opportunity.

(Erevien) #15

Of course they will. Otherwise this “Sylvanas is bad, and Baine and anyone around him plus Alliance are good!” plot wouldn’t work right.


She stands nothing to gain by doing so, absolutely nothing.

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If anything Tauren and High mountain Tauren would crush the forsaken.


Quite literally, eh? :smiley:


Which means she is definetly going to do it. Good point.


One can hope.