Will the Tauren aid Baine?


Sylvanas probably will attack thunder bluff and destroy it, one reason I think this is happening, is that I have a gut feeling Kalmidor will be be the staging area for next expac, whit old gods minions roaming arround, question remains to what happens whit Origmar and exodar, will they stay or will they both be gone and put somewhere else.

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But if Sylvanas attacks TB, isnt she attacking those who are responsible for her people being in the horde in the first place? That doesnt sound too grateful to me. :thinking:


I hope it doesnt happen.
No old gods at all, just 1one where no old god influence whatsoever no faceless mobs/faceless general or more old god servants no rleaders/whatever corrupted by old gods again so they can have a boss.

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That’s why it’d be another slab of bad writing duhh.
Why would she and why would any other Horde members support her doing it…so far I haven’t seen any credible answers for those questions.

Oh I think I also figured where the Haiete / Zarao argument stems from.
I’m fairly sure that before the Chronicles it was Magatha Grimtotem being the staunchest supporter of the Forsaken.
Some of the old Barrens quests and the ones in some of the Barrens dungeons make vague hints of this particulair alliance.
The Chronicles, unless I am mistaken, “retconned” in Hamuul’s role into the Forsaken joining the Horde.
I vaguely remember both Cairne and him being hesitant but accepting.

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Unfortunate if it is so. Magatha would’ve made so much more sense than Hamuul.

But I guess they had to make someone let the Forsaken in, despite the Tauren being all for balance and stuff and the Forsaken actively going against any kind of balance. But oh well…

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Well. It does make sense.
They didn’t know the Forsaken and wanted to give them a chance.
I think it’s well within Hamuul’s character, but not without sceptisism or hesitation, he never struck me as a naive fool.

Oh I also wanted to note something about the “Horde not doing anything for the Tauren” - Remember the Southern Barrens quests?
Who was there defending the Barrens and asked us to break the siege at the Great Gate?
The Horde.
Who purpotrated the attacks and the siege?
Proudmoore and house Wrynn.

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And who left the Taurajo refugees run off into the dangerous wilderness instead of helping them? The Horde. Guess they were too busy sating their bloodlust on the Alliance to care.

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Well, that’s where you are wrong though, aren’t you?
Unless you weren’t asked to investigate and help rescue the refugees from both the predator plantlife and the quillboar?

To boot, if you recall General Hawthornes texts : He had his men attack under the cover of night and “when the strongest units” were away.
So how can one help out against a blitz sacking when no one knew it was coming?

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Please go and read the quest at Vendetta Point where we are asked to help punish that orc commander at Conquest Hold for not helping Tauren refugees and leaving them to brave the overgrowth by themselves.

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Done it.
I don’t think it disputes what I said.
That guy was passive it’s true. The rest, including the player character were not.

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It doesn’t dispute what I said either. The Horde let the Tauren down and only later did they send us to clean up the mess.

But for the sake of the argument, let’s say your point is true and the Horde did help in the southern barrens. It’s still highly debatable if they did it to help the Tauren or if they did it to prevent the Alliance from creating a stronghold in the south and threaten Orgrimmar, so them helping the Tauren could have been but a secondary thing.

It certainly would explain why the Horde didn’t help the Tauren against the Grimtotem coup but left them to seek aid from Jaina now wouldn’t it?

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It does.
You neglect to mention that we actively replace him with a higher ranking officer under direct orders from the Warchief of the Horde.
And we as soldiers of our faction were sent to 1. Aid the refugees
2. Punish the lootersof Taurajo.
3. Break the Siege.

Now the question that nobody asked so far is where was Baine during any of it?

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Alright fair enough. I’ll admit that the Horde helped the Tauren that one time. Still doesn’t explain why they didn’t help them during the Grimtotem coup though.

As for Baine, I don’t know what they did. Smells like cut content just like Baine’s involvement in Highmountain, considering there are voice files where’s he was helping defend the Great Gate of Mulgore.

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" That onetime"…honestly…?
I find that the times the Horde helped the tauren far outweigh the severity of the coupe, but that’s just my opinion I suppose.

As for the Horde not helping out with the afforementioned event, I can hazard a guess and chalk it up to the same reason as Baine not showing up for any of the Southern Barrens events(or Highmountain), while I’m just blatantly going to state: He shoud have!
But perhaps my reasoning here is considered “To easy”.

The Baine from those soundclips(I know those) is the Baine I would have (ingame) called High Chieftain…maybe even Warchief…alas, that ship has sailed.

I was really hoping the Heritage armor would give us atleast some more Tauren characters to empathise with :frowning:
It wasn’t as bad as I initially expected, but I felt it was really lacking and superficial regardless…

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Personally, I can only guess that he was busy stabilizing things in Mulgore/Thunder Bluff after the coup so he couldn’t focus at the gate. There’s not really any other logical explanation, as we were shown that Baine does care for his people and I really doubt that he’d let the Alliance walk all over them.

Like I said before, I think that his behavior in the heritage quest is a sign of good things to come regarding his character. At least we can hope so.

I don’t. But this is purely subjective of both of us, so let’s leave it at that.

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Given the next envoy the Horde sends (the player) takes care and assists the Barren warfront, i’d say the Horde cared.

At least more than their own chieftain, who decided they were a valid military target and kicked the ones that said otherwise out of Mulgore.

Trying to spin it to the point the Horde is to blame for the fate of said people, seems rather disingenuous.

Mate, if the Horde “didn’t care for those people”, their chieftain cared even less.

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He’s a troll, they all have a fetishstick for genocide and enslavement.

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You’re a bit late to the party unfortunately. This topic was already concluded and I admitted that they were helped and that I was wrong, albeing begrudgingly.

Try to read before you post.


Isn’t this topic redundant? The moment Sylvanas makes a move against TB, the Tauren will be forced to choose sides. Most of them are from that region already.

Of course, this is what’s would happen if the setting was in any way realistic/made sense.

Inb4 Tauren gleefully handing out Blight masks 2.0. (Is my disgust for the game obvious?)

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