Will we be able to log in in advance?


anyone knows the timer for kick? going to try when I get home but still :smiley:


why would you do that. you would be overloading servers with that action

Edit: be in que, like rest of us


30 minutes disconnect timer on character selection screen. So after 30 mins at staring at your chars and not clicking “enter world” you are disconnected from the server :smiley:


because want to play asap, of course

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In the AMA (see blue post) they said they will restart the server at some point, but you will be able to login and watch the “enter world” button light up.
That is their current plan though.


that’s nice, creating and deleting a character might reset it


Worth trying! I know I will be.


I would imagine they will restart the servers.

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Don’t forget they are removing the 3 maximum limit on character creation on Monday. Just read the sticky.

btw Zulu time is GMT.


You are not going to be able to sit on the character select screen, the servers will go down and will not be clickable until it goes live and the queues start. There is going to be no option to sit in the character screen, the server list will be greyed out and ‘offline’ and you will only be able to click it when it comes online, that’s how they always do it, hence queues.


Did they say this recently?


If you were able to sit in Character Selection everyone would do this to skip the queue and the server would crash.

If you are able to sit in Character Selection it means that the queue to join will start at Character Selection and not from Authenticating your account.
That is not to say that Authenticating your account won’t also have a queue, but it will be much faster than Logging your character in.

The likely scenario is:

  1. You will be met with a queue at Authenticating. It will be relatively fast.
  2. You will be met with a queue at logging in your character. This will not be fast (depending on how quickly layers fill up, characters move on to other zones and free up space in starting areas, dc or log out).

The other likely scenario is (but I find this a foolish one as your Authentication server will be under extreme stress in that case).

  1. You will be met with a long queue at Login Screen. Once passed you no longer meet queues.
  2. However, this means that both the Character Selection screen and the game will take up resources and the queue to get in to the game will be much greater than otherwise. It is not particularly sustainable. People could also troll this system by sitting in Character Selection and never move on (not particularly bright)

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For what its worth, this is what was stated at the AMA.

[Q: Will servers be brought down at some point before release or will players be able to sit at character select waiting for “Enter World” to activate? ]

A: We are likely to perform some kind of realm restarts or maintenance between now and launch. However, in the minutes leading up to launch, our plan is that the realms will up and available and the Enter World button will instantly light up once we’re launched.


I tested this out and as it stands today, you get kicked out of the character creation screen after 30 mins no matter if you click the button or switch characters. Tested this both with 5 minutes intervals between inputs and 10 minutes. On both occasions I was logged out after 30 mins on the dot.

I didn’t test deleting a character yet as I don’t want to lose my named reserved characters but I’ll be testing it out when the restrictions on character creation are lifted on the 26th.


just tried… it kicks you after 30 min even if you create/delete characters… so at best we will be able to skip 30 minutes of queue… which is, when queue is going to take 12 hours or more, kinda pointless…


From what I could understand, we will be able to be in the character select screen and the button will light up at exactly 00:00 CET.

I think this time around they have this new idea to get right of the masses being stuck at authenticating and bottle necking the authentication servers and causing a lot of problems.

Good idea I guess. Just make sure to not afk more than 30 mins and kicked out.


yea, but you need to get into character select 29 mins or less before launch, because no matter what you do there, you get kicked after 30 min


I’m not sure about that, will try it now and report in an hour.
Maybe some functions let you stay in the screen.


tried all tbh, changing settings, creating a character, deleting a character, switching between characters…

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